Diamanda Galás & John Paul Jones – Skótoseme (live 1994)

A Re-Blog fer my Green eyed ladee! …an all of u that might have missed thisa one🙂 Speakin’ of twin flames of course!🙂

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Happy HolidaZe 2 One an allz frum da’ Q


🙂 Diamanda Galás & John Paul Jones – Skótoseme (live 1994)

Share of the day frum quarksire…a blast frum the past
is October halloweed month fer me and who else could i
think of but this Voice.Queen of Goth An vocal Range of Creation she is.

Diamanda Galás & John Paul Jones – Skótoseme (live 1994)


~..was reading an article bout
John Paul Jones
an Diamanda Galas.

An what Robert Plant is up to with Supersilent.

..etc, etc, so
brins me to share fotth day for anyone ho never heard
of this Twin Flame Kinna tour de force in 1994

The Sporting Life. Alternate. Full album

Diamanda Galás with John Paul Jones. Tour. 1994.
00:00 – 06:35 Skótoseme
06:36 – 10:14 Dark end of the street
10:15 – 16:30 Devil´s rodeo
16:34 – 20:30 Do you take this man?
20:45 – 27:40 Tony
28:00 – 31:20 Solo…

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Orianthi ~ Voodoo Child & More


Voodoo Child

 ~ an More frum Orianthi ~


rock vids for the day @ Quarks wild werld of entertainment on the net!…..Leave it up to me vixen to remind me of this way overlooked guitarist!

❤ thanx green_eyes!  🙂


Orianthi – Voodoo Child


Alice Cooper & Orianthi School’s Out / Another Brick In the Wall Pt. 2 (12/9/2011) Merrillville, IN

an a new one here

Nik West- My Relationship feat Orianthi

For more bout Orianthi explore @ U -tube …her sessions with many famous musicians



Michael Jackson, Richie Sambora, Alice Cooper  & more…..

Born in Adelaide, Australia, female guitarist Orianthi Panagaris released her debut album, Violet Journey, in 2007. After she moved to Los Angeles, Orianthi’s musicianship was exposed to millions of television... allmusic.com

  • Born: January 22, 1985 (age 31), Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
  • Partner: Richie Sambora
  • Active from: 2005
  • Genre: Contemporary Pop/Rock, Guitar Virtuoso, Pop/Rock
  • Website: orianthi.com
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

… A Splendid Day 2 one an all that Drops by the site of the Q…he be headed out to the wood with ax an hatchet of a different kind in hand…wood . wood . an more firewood  to keep a goin for da’ winter ahead🙂 …….🙂

Vixen – Live in Daytona Beach, FL 1989

..of past present and future..


  dis’ one is for my favorite  vixen…whom keeps me inspired as a daily measure…my thanks to u woman! ..so therefore:) …i’ll take definition 2 an 3 :)…

Definition of vixen

  1. 1 :  a shrewish ill-tempered woman

  2. 2 :  a female fox

  3. 3 :  a sexually attractive woman


Ahh but what to do when it is snowing outside…watch a concert er 2 an let the neighborhood know i am still alive lol…This concert-Takin’ me back a few years when these ladies rocked!


Jest another for the Music Videos page…

Music Videos

Enjoy..an Happy HolidaZe 2 one an allz U frum da’ Q.



WordPress editor not co-operating very well 2 night…But still in the Mood…….an think this will work!…Now lets see allzz….Jest want da werld to know it feels good to be loved by another! an 2 be able an allowed to love another…Where another day goes by an {SHE} makes it all that much better!Especially when i hear the werds “I LOVE YOU”…this song never gets old…




Jest another one fer the Music Videos category!

~~~ TURN IT UP AN ROCK ON!…. ~~~

{SHE} will always be Q’s Petite an loveable green eyed lady

definition frum it’s eternity to  its infinity ~ is it true ..dat green eyed ladees can see through ur very soul!  into ur eternity!…Well, in this day an age one could only hope so huh!…well…i do….i know a foxy little green eyed ladee an well i think she can also see right through my evr lovin soul…..who is she…well only {SHE} knows who she BE LoL…an well, i find that rather fascinating an also funny..an well,,,,to fukin serious yes indeed..well, is what ya get when ya mess with green eyed ladies……


When this song furst came out i was a youngster an even had a 45 rpm record player to play it on ..bought it for like 69 cents at the checkout stand at the supermarket..Now well, years laters…i know a real kewl green eyed ladee whom jest knocks an rocks my werld round ..an well like she say s its my fantasy!.an also my Reality! So..kewl,!!!!yes indeed…. so lewkin forward to adventures with a green eyed lady… is in the mind of da’ Q…times of days when the days of future past come round to maybe last to be a day er 2 of fun again in the future for jest that montage; with a green eyed lady…🙂

…. as ones fate has  led me to a destiny! yep yep …..


HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2 evryone! that now sees white instead of green lol.let it snow! Q


It’s not this time of year without

Snow Snow an more Snow


…what would the holiday season in Colorado be without Snow!….Shadows of the Past come alive every year it seems.


Q’s house is at the top of this hill!

When i can’t make it up this hill without chains or studs..or 4 wheel drive…..


an i have to deal with this shovel my best non-physical friend, also…snow snow an snow till April….brrrrrrrrrr…..

Happy Holidayz an stay warm everyone that lives in Winter…

frum da’ Q


…PS: last 40 days an 40 nights,well, without bloggin’ have missed werdpress but had to spend time with my fav person in my life.❤ ..Re-analysing Re-directingRepairing Re-modeling {that’ll never end lol} an reminding myself of who i am an why i am here was important! ❤ ..have missed ya all an glad to be back!

…. Q ….

The Balanced Self via Positive Thoughts


The man walks out on the high wire over empty space, sways above the breathless crowd, defies the law of gravity. . . .

The successful living of a life can be compared to walking across a high wire.

The indispensable quality needed is balance.

The balanced self is the well-integrated self.  A harmonious combination of all the constructive elements of personality makes the self whole.

The balanced self practices moderation, avoids extremes, follows the maxim “Not anything too much.”

The balanced self meets the challenges of life with equanimity.  It is neither exalted by success nor dejected by failure.  It meets despair with hope and climbs the heights with humility.

The balanced self maintains mental equilibrium. It has ideals without illusions.  It separates fact from fancy.  It keep a level head.

The balanced self is mature.  It considers everything from a grown-up viewpoint balanced by a child’s simplicity.

The balanced self balances dreams with action.  It uses the power of inner thought to inspire outer achievement.  And it uses action to stimulate further dreams.

The balanced self guards against quick emotional reactions.  It does not jump to impulsive conclusions.  It delays action until it has had time, calmly and fairly, to balance all the factors involved.

The balanced self is resilient; it is flexible to change.  Like a tree in the wind, it bends without breaking.

The balanced self knows the error of constant effort.  It renews itself through prayer and relaxation, that it may apply a higher impact of energy and creative power to the task at hand.

The balanced self lives a balanced life.  It balances work and play, love and worship.

The balanced self maintains the I AM of the spirit at the center of self, in full command of its destiny.

via Positive Thoughts

by Wilferd A. Peterson

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