Life is no argument. The Conditions in life might include error.

                  A quote by Friedrich Nietzsche

Quark here has a few werds to say bout the above quote 🙂 after pondering upon it, an lewkin at both sides …

We have all known folks that have an Ego so strong that it is most important to them that they always be right.

Perhaps some of us or many of us are some of those people, at least part of the time. Life under these circumstances and conditions is an very unrelenting struggle against sloppy thinking, stinking thinking, carelessness, and the general slipshod simplicity of the rest of the World.

     When we think this way, it is well to wunder how it is that we are right or correct, while everyone else is wrong.wWE MIGHT FIND IF WE DO A SERIOUS MORAL SEEKING INVENTORY AND LEWK AT IT CLOSELY THAT THE BEHAVIOR IS NOT BASED ON RATIONAL THINKING BUT ON FEAR { false evidence appearing real} or {fuck evrything an run } to some:(…This FEAR is the fear and object alone that if we relinquish control , even for a moment,,,well fall into CHAOS.

     Really now? how sad it is for one to be held hostage to such unreasonable FEARS:(…The CHAOS we IMAGINE at these times is no more real than the order we struggle to impose. What we really need in all of it is SELF ACCEPTANCE and the HUMBLE but JOYOUS RECOGNITION THAT WE ARE ONLY HUMAN. Jest like evryone else and that huuman being might include error in their lives.
 God i pray that i can find forgiveness in my heart for those whom have hurt me to the soul level deeper than anyone alive ever has:(…all i can do is pray for them , and cry because of the negligence and thoughtless actions that they do to hurt not only my ego, but my mind, my body as a result, to the soul level, remembrance is a key issue to resolve now, remembrance for all that is resented in ones life:( and all that one holds against another for doing wrong to them:( so silly this love me hate me come here go away game, and prose some play in life, is a shame to me that more moral seeking self seeking inventory aint done , but everytone is to busy satisfying thier ego and false belief systems they can’t seem to wake up and see what a negative ripple affect they have on the world and the lives of all they touch…quantumely or physically!…as only angels would dare huh!:……well enuff for today but this bout the quote above^^^^^^^^^^^

Perfection… well folks is jest an ideal…not a phenomenon, and only by accepting my imperfection and learning by my lifes struggles can i then become fully human, whence an whereby unconditional love and forgiveness can maybe found,,, for the meanest of mean things said and done to ones soul and life experience on this earth….not purfection anyhow! forgive them!

Namaste’ to one and all!

but whom is purfect now anyhow huh!!!!!!!!!????????

i know i am experienced because i see i have messed up a lot and do not wish to repeat the same mistakes of the past ever again……is how u come closer to ur very own perfection, practice makes purfect ,,,unless ur always failing, because of negativity and learning over and over how to fail bigger and better!: (jest learnin how to makes wrongs wronnger lol!!!over an over!! then is not a road to perfection…ya see!

well think twice….
bye 4 now






I KNOW hard to be happy if the werld is shooting at ya though:(

if that is the case, defend or give up!

Jest do not FEAR {fuc everything an run}

ya might get shot in da back!

in all ur all mighty purfection!?

perfection…:) rest in peace!



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