My Life

MY Life, I will not let you go except you bless me, but then i will let you go.
                                                       a quote by Isak Dinesen.

^^^ closest i get to heaven is flying above cloudz,lol ^^^

A few comment here concerning the above quote!………after a bit of ponderin’ an editin’ & after lewkin’ at a blank page ……..a blank messenger window for almost 5 days:(….a blank response and a blank stare for dayz.

There is something very honest and noble in the meek spirits of those whom battle DEATH, who cling to life like there is no tomorrow every day. Most intelligent and compassionate people are moved by their daily struggles jest to get by sometimes, Yet sometimes well, perhaps it is a nobler thing to do jest to let life go when the right time comes. Letting go is a very hard thing to do if one is truly in love though, especially with others. Sometimes all one seems to want to do is hang on and do for others, while they are here and alive, no matter how much those others they might love could really care less, or deep down have the vengeance of the devil in them to hurt them for one reason or another, know in ur heart, mind and soul those are not ur reasons to live!:(….but rather to let go and jest die……..let go of life huh, let go of the reigns, put it all in the hands of god, and have faith.
    Letting go?, well this makes sense only if one can lewk back on their life lived and we can or are able to believe we have lived life to the fullest and to the best degree we had, with the only resentments being of not thy self, but of others that betray and let one down in the journey. We really would not wish to die without knowing we had stretched our limits as far as possible, and inhabited them as greatly as we could have chosen to do. Not in a worldly sense anyhow, perhaps {spiritual breath} can be as exciting as travel, sport, flying, diving, romance or even grand worldwide achievement. It is and was the limits of our brain and heart we want to test, especially without being tested by others! and for that well, we could live in one room… in isolation forever jest connected by the fibers of light the keyboard and puter have to offer. Instead of getting out and doing and being! and trusting we will be, and our siblings and sons and daughters will be alive another day sometimes it is better and easier to jest give in and give up when u have lost the game of life with another or health.
     Not everyone on this planet is blessed with robust energetic always physical health, some have to werk hard to achieve it, really even those disabled trying to get by jest one more day well, they also still might have the capacity for spiritual health and adventure. It is all up to the individual story at hand how it all plays out i guess, and the choices made, whether one choose to have a life based on Fear always or on based on Love and Faith?……Self examination {that self seeking internal moral inventory i have mentioned before step 4} and meditation {thinking nothing …absolutely nothing for at least 10 minutes} {that so called spiritual breath &sound of silence}, well these are the tools for all the Self Knowledge and Serenity one could ever hope for, living the DREAM and truths of LOVE become the most important thing in that persons life, cuz they also are aware that thier days are numbered and they should live em to the fullest instead of allowing the life to be shortened by self resentments or hatred and lies from others and selfish actions of purposeful neglect, shame on those who choose to do this to others the way i see it,,,,,shame on me if i allow others to do it to me:( first time shame on them second time and many times over if allowed is shame on me over and over for allowing it and jest hurts the Heart-field, punches holes in the chakras, and wants to make it collapse, and well upon full collapse, this would be death, to bad so many allow themselves to react and die over others mean-ness and dis-content, i mean why make urself dis-content and want to die jest cuz someone else wants to die or kill a relationship ur involved in or what not? or even kill themselves?:( why not jet go on and forgive them, {for they know prolly what they do? and will have to live with their own conscious someday, if they have one?:(?:(} but whatever, even if they don’t forgive themselves or u for thier falsities, is all ya can do and go on…sad as it is. If ya can’t find the courage deep inside to ACCEPT that their lack of of LOVE is not urs and keeps condeming themselves forever for actions of others , well the sure result in this choice would be death, unless a miracle would appear, before it happened
     Unknown adventure truly awaits us in our hearts minds and souls when and if we ever choose to seek within and know thyself and outrselves better deep inside our individual soul in the multi-Universeal Werld,,,,also multi-dimensional if one might be able to open their mind to be able to see from the perspective of undying everlasting all giving LOVE IN THE HEART
     On that Note; My Spiritual journey is the only real and honest and true one in my life, all lies and mis-perceptions told by others put aside, i am the only thing that really matters inside this head for this journey, i make what i want of it no matter what anyone else…”does to me”…i have to move on,,,I have to fly on, fly in circles like a glider pilot and thermal again to another cloud, Find the cloud that is the real one that i can again climb my way back up to heaven with, the souls journey should not be alone i believe but with another, male/female…as one eternal flame that never burns out.{if that is possible?} On this road or path or flight, well, this place is the place where true blessings of the heart mind and soul shall again be encountered or not.
       I guess ,,,story told one at the end of hers=his journey must gracefully let ones life go so another life can then again be lived!…….

believe it er not!……..

Namaste’ 2 U frum



” To Thine Own Self Be True”


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