Rainbow Hunter Wild Heart

From Da Heart of What we Beam Out, it shall be, or was it beam me up scotty! lol…..

^^ quark – early morning journey in cortez! ^^

I read on someones web page that “wild hearts can’t be broken”. Guess i’ll have to agree with that one to a certain extent. Said all the things i could think of and come up with concerning Love over the past 3.5 years, And concerning da light and connectedness to the universe we live in. At the end of all my bloggin dayz i can come up with this statement below that is so very rightiously true to me…goes along with the “to thine own self be true” philosophy……I jest might want to re-lewk at my wild heart, an see why i let it be broken, For see once one becomes an eagle or an angel, well they then believe somehow thier hearts can’t be broken ? i don’t know but i never thought my coarse hardened heart or soul could ever be opened up so as it has in the last 4 years….big sigh.yes
to thine own self be true ,
mikey! i got to keep in mind, an more big sighs….fer da ones loved and missed forevr …….
an no it is not selfish to – to thine own self be true
“The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.”― Diane Von Furstenberg

    An having a clean conscience is more important to me that having a clean house.

so, jest go, put ur clothes on, do ur meda-tations,lol, put ur boots on, don’t matter with the hair, jest go out an do sumpin’ w/flair. Can’t let sad hearts tear at ones soul forever when not even there!,,,,so there! jest do it! i say!…so, get up off ur but get out there whilst the sun still shines , if ya can handle the heat, get involved, an do it!,,,whatevr IT IS!…Jest Do It!………

^^^ Q over Echo Lake ^^^ well be again over this year, werking onb me wing at da present – can’t fly very well with broken wingz, but i can still ryde, as long as da wheels ain’t broken,

There is no going back, there is no return to the density that you had previously adapted to. For once these frequencies fill you, the re-identification with this frequency begins….i got that quote from adapting to graces website and grabbed it cuz it is werth of discussion.

I am all but to wunder though if i can go back to the destiny
tat the benevolent ones had set up and engaged for me to be?
an well? on dat note’
about the benevolent werld, and change in TIME……….
well thats a whole diferent perspective on a whole different story now …………

will keep it short an simple dis’ day for

can’t be doin iot:) huh whatevr it is
if i am sitting here? can i…..

so be it have a great day er night
wherever ya are on da werld
an remember
procrastination, in the very end

Only hurts urself
even though it might have hurt others also along the way
lessons learned…
So, go on with ur life …..be positively positive, drop the negativity and judgements, live in the now for the now! whatevr ur Now is ,,and enjoy the moments u aquire……even if ya have to change perception to do it…….
it’s kinna like changin ur clothes…..

from the dark night robe…..

to the white dresss on a hot summer day!

or better yet a hot neglege’ lol….
if ur wit’ ur honey and not neglectin’ er regrettin’
{could be  a monumental event ya know or day!- ya never know}
but luvin , hopin, wishin, praying, doing and jest simply being, whatevr ur hearts desire is, do it and have fun, remember , today can’t be replaced, but sad tomorrows can!
jest takes a bit of Faith, Hope< Love >
an a bit a bein’ ann doin’



Ps; well me? I am going hunting! I hunt Rainbows any way i can get it, shot above is from my front yard, an well it’s RAINBOW SEASON now till summer moonsoons end in da; rockies. I am going to go rydin in da’ rockies jest one more day here, grateful to be alive and , gonna hopefully go buy me-self a new car!…well? new to me anyhew:)

hasta’ one n allz..

ah but wit da’ rainbows come lightning also…

so one way er another i get a shot er 2 clicked off evry day of me life:)

all in fun i guess , after i die evryone can have fun lewking at the thousands of photos and reels of film and video i have aquired:).all in fun yep, have fun whatever ur doin wit ur life today. jest stay away from da sparks of love dat can kill ya, or be very careful cautious and aware, when around such forces:)

either way don’t kill urself over a picture ya are trying to take is all i can say, from experience yep, it is possible folks, to be in teh wrong place at the wrong time



and have a safe day!



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