Fourty Six and Two

Lyrics and Video for the Tool song Forty Six & 2

The Shadow as defined by Carl Jung
46 & 2 chromosomes explained by Drunvalo Melchizadek
Art by Alex Grey

But I can Still See My Shadow

for one side mirrorz da other but whatchu see?

Change is coming through my shadow, for my shadow won, My shadows shedding skin.

There are constructive and destructive types of shadow, Carl Jung emphasized the importance of  Being Aware of Shadow Material and incorporating it into conscious awareness Lest one project these attributes onto others
The human being deals with the Reality of the Shadow in 4 Ways. Denial, Projection, Integration, and/or Transmutation. Join in My child as my Shadow moves closer to meaning, I’ve been crawling on my belly clearing what could have been:(…I’ve been wallerin in my own Chaotic insecure dellusions, I wanna fell the change consume me, feel the outside turning in. I wanna feel the metamorphosis and cleansing i have endured in! MY SHADOW MY SHADOW…Change is coming,,,now is my time..LIsten to my Muscle memory, Contemplate what i have been clinging to 46 & 2 ahead of me.I choose to LIve and to GRow, take and give and to, Move, Learn and Love and Cry,

I’ll do what it takes to step through ….into the light that is!

Jest think i need a gurly traveler lol….er sumpin like dat ya know, been 3 years since da’ soul traveled …like with her geezzzzzz, my gurly traveler….mmmmmmmmmm

…………… more click on vid:)……….

there is a reason u an i are here,,,believe it er not:)…………..

46 & 2




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