A New Love July Fourth

Today I fell in Love!  Today is a Me Day for me:) yeahhhh hay…lol

She was neglected and abused,

Run down and tired and her god picked me:)…..

Every year on july 4th i have chosen to fall in love with another thing. And make a new promise to myself i can keep:)
Is a habit and tradition i have chosen to do many years ago like some do new years resolutions; well every July 4th i do this to help me to help keep the mind and body healthy,  as possible….is like being re-born or easter every 4 of July fer me:)
The First year i chose sobriety 15 years ago wow..and another thing to love every year there after! One year  I chose flying my gliders:), another paragliders, another motorcycles, another peru, another scubadiving again for fun, another time well jest ME, another goal and go to california an see mom[an did it}, another year I chose to Love me before i could love a women, another year to have a business, etc etc, another year to get disabled lol, another year to recover, lol, another year a broken back, another year a broken leg, another year a broken knee, another year a broken heart the list goes on more than there are years lol. of commitments to things to love:) in one way or another for one reason or another:) an another year a woman,,oh well,,,,and well, i won’t go there today, she chooses freedom from me for independence day:( so be it ,,,no Firewerks here this year anyhow cuz the Fireban!,,and our complex fire, second largest in the country!..So, I jest never know what the new year brings every year for me i do not know..Last year i tried this this way to love my house home and life, and try to be healthy and shed myself of things that negatively affect me…didn’t do so well, so…
Well, this year i chose Love :)…………
This time she found me lol….

So, is .Sumpin’ i can Love and well,,,,,,,it won’t yell at me, call me names er insult me, and if i don;t hurt her she won’t hurt herself or me….lol not like some females i know,,,but oh well…….
As we had a Wunderful July 4th Dinner,

{my neighbors on both side and i } acres away}
well while we sat lewked at view on top of hill today out here

and sat outside at the picnic table jest left of the lone couch here and had BBq’d chicken tator salad an all da fixins:) watched the smoke an clouds,,,from the 100,000 acre fire complex in our area is insane,,,,,, we also lewked at my new love and my neighbors Harley.
Contemplated and made a deal also i did, gave bob a old fireplace and they helped me haul it out today yeah, and he gave me a 25 foot  ponderosa for to make a flagpole with. I have a military size flag to fly this year up on top of my hill, jest another projekt:) lol it will go jest to the right side of this pic the flag pole behind the garage will.

an well, concerning my newest love lol…

She only needs a bit of tender loving care……..My new love that is 🙂 .
I already cured some problems and have done,
a whole list of character defects!..after i took her personal inventory, LoL

For presently she Has Silver Skin, and a few scars from a life of neglect…An prolly will appreciate my love,
         but eventually, She will be driven, like she was meant to be driven:)….
Driven like she prolly never has been before:)…will have to get the feel for her i will:)
She will be a Black Beauty when i am done……Like da one in the pic above!
She has Lotsa Energy and Charm, TLC for her i shall do! an be!

Disabled her alarm,i don’t admire such a thing,,,,,,,,

Since i Live in an area of the Planet
Where ya can leave utr house unlocked if ur jest goin out fer a bit
and ya can leave ur keys in the ignition,,without woorying ………

Being the bodyman and painter i am i will be doing this project this summer for myself and not another and not a buncha werk all summer for false dreams either, Any how an effort jest for me this winter is to restore a car here and bring her back to loving life for me:), is right up my alley.I will be doing it for something that is mine and paid for and i am able to hop in and go 1000 miles in an instant without a hesitiation, my other vehicles were not able to do that nor have i been till today, unless i wanted to take a road trip on one of the motorcycles.lol…..wow, yesterday i was caught in a hail storm with another biker at 70 mph,,,we both had to pull over at a campgound and go huddle i=under shelter there were 1/2 inch hail balls in a furious storm well was makin one want to skate on BB’s on the highways instantly,,,for they were frozen and did not want to crush…When i get my cam set up here again on puter i will post a pic er 2 of the projekt, but for now i jest am posting the current pic i have on my desktop of what i want her to lewk like when i am done with her:)…I call it a her cuz well jest sounds better than an it, and well if i love something as much as i will sand and paint stroke and rub on this car i surely don’t want it to be a guy to do it to, do i lol…u women can name all ur cars guys names , i guess ,but not me lol..an yeah i got names for all my inanimate things i play with, keeps me happy and allows me to make fun of em all and such cuz all the names i have for the various things, well thay mostly are about character. Kinna how i pick my animals names also, i allow their character and lewks define thier name…..
        Any how i haven’t named this little ferocious beast i got yet, it has a Turbo and is 230 horsepower,,,speedo is a 165 mph or 250kph type, i haven’t figured out what all the buttons are for quite yet here, am learning, and is convertible also, top in like new shape has never been down in 130,000 miles yet!.is way kewl…..an top of all that well,my friend knows a friend indeed and in need and she sold it to me fer 500 bucks:) yep a dream car fer me, one in the top 20 cars i would ever want for my last car ever i believe i jest got, this thing is fast fun, and handles like a race car!:) comfy seats and all. jest needs good tunage ll can’t live without my tunes:)………Next to the volvo’s an scooby -doos {subarus} an suvs this thing will do great in da’ snow also:)

have a great 4th of july evening and hope it is a good one for u also…..
and not all fire ridden like our area is right now:)



they had the pass closed for the last week u had road blocks where you could not pass into this area.

~ SO ~

Where evr u are on da [planet whomever u may be also:)…

Inanimate er not ..be careful what u choose to love, and whatevr and whomever also, an if u do jest wacth out and love right, and it won’t bite ya in da back i guess, well maybe if ur lucky!..


enjoy and celebrate i guess if nothing else today that well, ya have to a large extent great freedom of choice and ability to do what ya wish freely, unless ya live in a communist country or under a communistic belief system morally, well then I also wish u the best freedom u can have also……..take care all till another time…Q

and Happy Independence Day

However u interpret it:)!

to me it is freedom to do what we want and i believe in canada an usa here we do have that and am grateful,..peace out!



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