Synonymous Deductive Reasoning

live this life while you have it. Live as well as you are able.

Once ya get ur chit together
Live to fly for fun, fly for  free:)
Live to Ride and Ride to Live
when one can afford to:)

Fly Safe no matter how ya fly!


^^^ treasure falls at the bottom of wolf creek pass, colorado ^^^

A Piece on Deductive reasoning and or thinkin’ here comes from i believe a  link ang sent me one day a long time ago, i believe it is frum an Tolle boook, So I decided today is a good day to speak of “Lack” and why it might exist for some of us, and how to overcome it:) with

Synonymicity Q’s werd fer it!

Deductive Thinking or Deductive Reasoning comes from a vibrational frequency which is synonymous with lack. And that vibrational frequency is the “limited time, limited amount, limited ability” mentality. In short, it is thinking limited. Eventually, a limited thinking mentality leads to limited opportunities because you can only see what you already believe is possible. ~~~~~~ Your environment affects your vibration and your vibration determines the environment to which you are drawn to or the environment in which you remain. Some would call this Law of Attraction 101. While this is most definitely true, your environment is not only a representative of the Law of Attraction, it is representative of the Law of Vibration as well. The Law of Attraction works with the Law of Vibration in creating various synchronicities (the order of the cosmos working in our time-space reality) that play out according to your vibration. ~~~~ As a result of this resistance to self-knowledge and self-realization, we get stuck in a vibrational frequency which causes us to attract people, places, and things that continue to perpetuate the illusions of the ego. The voice of our soul may be speaking to us, but we are not listening. So how do we get out of a non-productive environment with the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration? Well let’s be honest here. Either you are using the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration to co-create the reality you truly desire, or you are using the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration to continue to perpetuate the illusion. However, if you truly want to change your environment from a non-productive environment to a productive environment, you have to do some things. ~~~~ Here are some steps to get you on point: (1) Meditate on the beauty and greatness of your being (your true and authentic self) through silence and present moment awareness. Begin meditating for 15 minutes before you start your day and then build on it. Meditating each morning will center you in who you really are and set the pace for the voice of your Soul to speak to you. In this state, you are making yourself available to your highest good. Being available to your highest good will transform your vibration to a higher frequency and get you out of a frequency that is non-productive to your purpose, intent, and true desires. ~~~~~ (2) Journal about your activities for about a two week period. Then note some conscious changes you can make that would be more conducive for the type of environment you want to live in and the lifestyle you want to lead. ~~~~ (3) Make the time to visualize what you really want in your life daily. Visualization and imagination are wonderful spiritual tools and technologies for seeing more and recognizing that infinite possibilities are available to us. When we visualize how we want to live our lives, our environment changes through the orchestration of the Universe, yes, our environment changes cosmically through divine order. If we never visualize what we truly desire, then we are not opening our mental faculties to the infinite possibilities of manifestation. Therefore, our time-space reality never transforms it just continues to follow patterns of the same vibrational frequency. ~~~ (4) Make a conscious effort to find people with which you can network and build friendships. Socialize with people who are in the environment you want to be in. My grandmother and mother always told me to “watch the company you keep.” They meant watch the people you hang around and if they are not living the way you want to live then you don’t need them in your life—that’s just good old fashion wisdom. ~~~~~ (5) Write down a vision for your life. Read it daily. Remind (yes re-mind) yourself of your true desires. In the day to day grind, if we don’t remind ourselves of our true desires and our vision for life, then we won’t recognize (re-cognize) our opportunities even when they are staring us in the face. ~~~ (6) Always affirm who you really are. The only identity I hold to is that “I am a Living Soul with a Living Mind and a Spirit at One with Source Energy—God, The ALL.” That’s affirming who I really am. ~~~~ Yes, it takes a conscious effort or should I say a higher conscious effort to transform your vibration. You most certainly can work with the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration to get out of a non-productive environment into a productive environment, but it requires that you change your vibrational frequency. Don’t allow the ego to trap you in a vibrational frequency that doesn’t align with your true and authentic self. The voice of your Soul is calling out to you beseeching that your reality matches that of your Soul’s purpose. You can get their by changing your environment to an environment productive for your spiritual growth and personal development. ~~~~~~~~~~ And don’t say “If only this, or if only that!” Say,

“I will live my true purpose and desire!”


End tada fr da day

Keep on Keepin’ on:)!

have a gewd one

over an out:)



3 thoughts on “Synonymous Deductive Reasoning

  1. Thanks; Jennifer, an yup 1 day at a time i shall make da’ environment jest a bit better, best one can do,,, an yeah only live once, so to live for ur dreams like U an Ur sis are is , well jest 2 kewl fer Skewl…Keep on Keepin on: thanks agin 🙂 .. Q

  2. wow, well 3 days an 3 hours, a thanks to u for that jennifer 🙂 …
    as of Well, evr since: 🙂 … U also 🙂 earn also the best moments award from me , thanks a lot 🙂 ..will ponder upon this till my blog time this eve, an attempt to think of 7 things to say an my top bloggers who have affected me one way or the other here at werdpress…is a kewl program an i’ll pass it round, when i sort my unchain-able mind now…,, well werking on it anyhow,,some tough chains here lol… thanks again….HUGZ…..Q

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