Midnight Motor Maids

miracles occur <Link}

Sumtimes when one goes on a moonlit half lightning filled ryde..an even on dat early morning summer day ryde……

Motor Maid Creed …< {Link}


A loyalty forever,

A friendship long and true,

These thoughts will be our memories,

As we the years review.

This pledge we make together,

The time be fleeting by,

May we inspire a fasting faith,

In all that is the Motor Maids.

 by Brenda Hickling-Thatcher  

Past President

On what i call my loop…I have 3 in 3 different dirrections from the house here i do when i feel motivated, or have a dream i can;t sleep to, or have a mind that won’t stop rolling, i go on the roll and I go fer a ride on on of the bikes….Is bout as close to going up in the air flying as i can get anyhow or jest snowmobiling round the back country woods on a silent snow filled night…i jest love these kinna times in my life,,,

     Anyhow this i an off the cuff blog will blog as i post no thing corrected unless i see it now am not pre doing it in note pad….

Q says anyhow that as the evening progressed, had to stop for a loose string lol, a loose headband also… then the well rabbitt! he couldn’t figure out whether he wanted to die er not, had that squirrel mentality of running back across the road right after making it to the other side, wunder what thats all bout ? kinna skitzoid to me ,, well anyhow then a deer and a buck and a group of littele ones don’t like my pressense and runnin’ off ,, i am free once again..then.well,,,then i needed Gas,,,the proverbial song! Fuel:)


Stopped at Conoco fer fuel and lo and behold,,, The kewlest sight a guy on one lonely motorcycle that had jest riden 50 miles and not seen a soul or a car to see, i run into betsy, connie , and well can’t remember the names of the Smiling ladies all indeed,,Hapyy to see me, mr.mechanic mike lol:).on his bike,
They call themselves Motormaids,<{LINK} and were jest returning from bend oregon on a facsinating journey they told me all bout that was for a wek and over 1200 ladies showed up fer :)….Thay were amazed at my bike and me:) lol ,,,but i was more intrigued by their stories,

They told me bout some of the past conventions,<{Link} of fatigue and play,they are,an ,wow,,what a trip for some that started in Canada, one gal and another in tennessee and another frum Michigan an another frum Maine, and another frum Kansas,,,well all on their way home,,,bout a dozen of these gals were at this stop pit stop on the way over to Pagosa from Silverton coming down from the pass at midnight they were a whole group of ladys on bikes,,,2 kewl for skewl if i must say so myself. I have bought bikes for women i have had in my life to be a part of this but they show no interest 😦 so that kinna bumms me


out, but is what it is , anyhow….one gal had a full dressed harley with stereo etc etc, another gal a road race style harley 883, another gal a honda she called it her v-machine 1300, an another lady rode what i’d call on old skewl shovel head, she was very hard core lottsa tats an all, lewks like her ol man at home prolly had a stable of bikes and her!..These MOTORMAIDS ARE 2 KEWL FER SKEWL….. I felt like it was a blessing to get to sit a bit an chat as they readied to leave for pagosa where they planned to spend the night before heading over the pass in the am,,,,They gave me thier web addies etc etc we exchanged info andlet them put n thier gear and be on with their ryde. They got good info outa me and i did them also, they told me to share my findings of the evening round up with them,,,where a buncha chic on bikes decided to hang out and have fun talkin to da q:)….well, it was lke many a miracle meetings i have had on the roads of the USA was very kewl to be in a place where info was needed and i had the ansers etc etc…So now they went on thier way are sleepin this eve i guess an thinking bout the rides tomorrow the thousand or so plus motormaids all returning across the country, these cvhicks or ladies should i say wer headed to sturgis for the weekend…well adios till next time hope u found this post a little bit enlightening whomever ya are:) will share more bout riding and flying in my area whan i get a chance in between flights and rides…going flying tuesday here and riding here all on the same day will be fun,,,anyhow They told me to share bout em so i have now:) Please find the links to the motormaids site above U’ll see what and whom they all are,,,jest a buncha ladies,,alll shapes ansd sizes on all kindsa bikes all different shapes and sizes also, all intended for one thing , traveling round , meeting and greeting folks and having fun in this ol usa an Canada:)…some say they’ve had trips to mexico also…how kewl,,,an talked to a couple a enduro nuts well they been to the tp of South America on thier bikes,,, how kewl i that huh!…

Motormaids 2012

Motormaids 2012

They all had communicators so they could talk with each other whist riding down the higway all on the same channel,,,i thought that was pert kewl also….

OK….adios till next time ….Q .


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