September 12 Infared Dreams

i woke to find this am i dreamed in infared 🙂 oh how i do so love mitsi thoughm u rubbed her to my fancy this am for my werrkout fer the day, she is my birthday present from the higher order of thingz to me this year!

Queensryche Week 🙂 4 ME 🙂

I only see in infrared

As you awoke this morning
and opened up your eyes
Did you notice the tear-stains
lining your face were mine

Don’t you wonder, can’t you see
what’s happening to our lives
I can’t keep living this masquerade
When my lonely eyes see only your face at night

I only see in infrared
I can’t dream anymore
Can’t you see I need, too
I can’t stand the pain

You’ve gathered all my secrets
and I don’t know who I am
I even feel alone when you’re near
’cause you’ll never understand

When we first met I must have seemed
a million miles away
It’s strange how our lives have touched
But the time is right
I’ll leave tonight
Don’t look in my eyes
‘Cause you’ve never seen them so black

I only see in infrared
I can’t dream anymore
Can’t you see I need to
I can’t stand the pain

album: “Rage For Order” (1986)


Came about today cuz yoday is my birthday and my angry angel of light 😦 deletes all my comments i comment to her latest blog after 4 days ago asking me if i needed help then to only leave me hanging and post that post to her blue angel page and well 😦 bummer has it i neeeded help and she pulled my own carpet out from under neath me in the grand finally:( to burn me too 😦 and disconnecy and celete all my comments, i am devastated after 4 years almost 5 this september, and what a great bioiorthday blessing huh!… is all i can say… an a well tearjerker book she wrote , will be on the bookshelves soon LoL, not funny!@ all but is what it is,,,acceptance that even the people u love may not be wjay ya see, and people do change is the sad thiong sometimes for the werse, used to love the love poem, now this latest poem is catagorized in her love poems to the guy with the well ill not say here she has all over her pages,till another post good day to one and all that got this far 🙂

Peace out,,Namaste,,,,,Q


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