Da Human Dilemna

Quarksire agrees that the current dilemma facing the seekers of the globe is simply the effect of spiritual doctrines that were created by humans, and the remedy is to associate and devote yourself, in the strictest sense, to a doctrine that is created by the Divine.


This divine Path resides in the heart of every sentient being, and has been there since before the dawn of time and the evolution of humankind. Every Saint who has visited this globe through the ages has espoused and revealed this doctrine during their respective sojourn, but few individuals have cared to listen, and fewer still have gained entry into its mysteries.

The contemporary ideas of instant salvation through the doctrine of the church, and immediate enlightenment through cultish leaders and pseudo gurus, have not fulfilled the sincere spiritual seeker. True spirituality will not prostrate itself to the whimsical nature of our mental senses, and thus, it is far easier to tell you what truth is not. The transcendent truths are too subtle, and our mind too gross, to divinely interpret the truths hidden within our spiritual nature. Sincere devotion and a flair for the supernatural, coupled with longing and a growing distaste for the mundane world, are needed to penetrate the doorway leading to life everlasting. Suffice it to say, those honest seekers who are desperate in their search for truth and God only need investigate the tenets of Light and Sound.

A higher Life Awaits You!

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Light and Sound.

are not

the only way of percieving ur manifestation and werld u live in is all, am not saying one path is better than anyother , even if it might be, it still is what it is… if ur so inclined read the online book to get a jist of what

Sri Gary <link

has to say bout a few of lifes questions.

Take care Peace out to one and all….especially the Angel that inspired this blog……..

Namaste’ Q



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