Dawns Delight New Flight


Jest another morning to Whoop Ass Since winter is headed our way,

well, in some Werlds the choice is to but fly south where it is warmer.

As is how it is for the birds and crew of operation migration this week.


for it is time to Head to a new home, a home to breed love an a winter of contentedness.

and not stay in Canada and get pneumonia and die, the Wise choice is to fly

free and well, sometimes when young in life a young soul has to learn

how to follow the leader to be able to make the Long journey south, &

have a bit of faith whatevr that is, Love Flying Love getting High,,,

an even though not really knowing why, but jest believe

 the guy with the big wing knows the way HOME !

So point is jest follow the big guy & have a bit of faith Today!

that the heartfelt hurricanes stay away this year


Operation Migration Safeguarding Whooping cranes

Original story and inspiration came from below………Is why quark here flies the hanglider trike:)


Operation Migration – Fly Away Home – Behind the Scene


More… check out their website



2 thoughts on “Dawns Delight New Flight

    • a few years back it was only a wish for me also…now i fly one an its a blast they are cheap also, even compared to my car, less money involved, hang gliders go from 500 up an trikes sell for 3500.00 up to 50,000 thanks fer ganderin Svelte 🙂 Q

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