When Little Birdz Attack

Even Little Birds Know how to attack the big birdz πŸ™‚ lol
Well if Ya don’t have super tight battons {ribs}


they might be able at this stage to present harm,but meanwhile, the little birdz that try to attack the big bird, well they don’t stand a chance,
after attempting the multiple attacks with futility as a game they seem to want to do it for life LoL….Truth is they are attempting to protect their declared airspace from predators and since they are a fear based predator attack and kill and eat kinna bird of anything of any size themselves, well, is their nature to protect their nests, they assume all birdz are like them… every time i fly within 2 er 300 ft of birds nest whether magpies or hawks or eagles they all come out to check me out and or attempt to fend me off!
Best Bet is to try to wiggle and shake em off and if ya can’t….Fly on to happier skies where the little guys who think they own it are not hanging round…..Meanwhile enjoy ur day and Keep Flying Whomever U are:)Ya always have a choice in life no matter what to change direction i believe till ya crash but well
ya jest have 2 fly Safe…& also remember!



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