Somewhere Someplace

Somewhere where  winter ends well,

it is beginning somewhere for some 🙂

somewhere 🙂 someplace different always:)

…u may not understand this but it is very true :)sumwhere sumplace heaven is where i sumtimes be an have been ! “believe it er not”


Winter ending in russia may mean fall is becoming in the rockies and moves one to a totally different tempo and flair, and style of flying i might add…flying in the rockies in autumn is awesome when ya get to see all the trees change color from the air so fair, light blue in the am the air darkens as the day grows, although i must say…Till another time heres to u from Q aka mike in colorado

Colorado Eagles Fly
COLORADO IN THE FALL ~ Quarks Perspective
from way up where only eagles fly,,,
oh yeah a stray cat er 2 a hawk or a buzzard er crow er albatross if ur lucky enuff LoL 🙂


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