^^^snow is already in our mtns here an trees are changing color fast^^^

Extremeties abound when one

conceptualizes – visualises – Internalizes,,,,,,,

Freedom of a different nature

Extremeties Abounding yes indeed id say!
Lenny Kravitz has got the right idea
so does Bill Heaner up round n about!
I’ve always been impressed with Bills talents.

like a Dragonfly above the Trees:) above the seas,

flyin any way he pleases:)

all for fun now it is:)
Jest another day at the office 🙂 for dis’ sky pilot. 🙂

Have a Splendid after noon er eve 🙂

wherever ya are and whomever ya are an rememebr

~ “Crashing is Not an Option” ~

could be very hazardous to ur health, id say!

namaste’ frum Quarksire



a motion arts production ` Vid of the day frum Q

Some extreme hangliding with 2000 World Hang Gliding Aerobatics Champion bill here.

music,smoke, an a bit a flair in the air




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