Hangin in Dere

 Explanation of the Densities beyond ‘normal’ human consciousness is another question though..and also the destinies too!…as one forever calls one back, over and over and , well there is no answer TO MY CALL BACK  jest infitile invisibility……..ah, but if life was only bout honor an truth an dignity huh!…an i even said Please 🙂 anyhow i jest remain hanging in there….with limbo ….the answer 2 my callz :(…

 🙂 Well……heres to Lewkin’ @ You Kiddo…………. 🙂



iam going to stay with the theme of the moth beign Halloweed month here: below is a post frum Angies werld she said once upon a tyme was a poem an post towards me,,,ever since i been trying to call her back now to now avail….well such as life i guess,,,The title of the aformentioned blog was

 Call Me Back

I am with you only

like pensive cries of the panther

in a far country

patrolling raw ruins of forests

I am with you only

as fair lily is with summer

in a far country

where snow is an imagination

I am with you only

driftwood upon a green sea foam

in a far country

where I dream hearts’ confluence

Please call me back

as a flute player serenading

for my cobra energy

heart core of fire unexplored

Please call me back

as volcanic earth surges sing

for my cobra energy

solar flares calling to your sun

Please call me back

so together we break our hearts

for my cobra energy

bewitch us beyond death’s black moon


below here i am posting this vid of angelas on account of my broken cobra heart

all but for her cobra energy to all but consume because she my angel decided to become


Days after i am told i am her Embryonic star 🙂

so since i feel like i live within her fairy tale for the last years of my life and the guy that hangs out waiting for my apparent Destiny? or is it Fate? heck i don’t know anymore. anyhow her stuff is jest too kewl for skewl and i don’t share enuff of it 🙂 so here ya go :



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