Hunting High and Low


Today i went for a ride on my Big Sewing Machine 🙂 Listented to the Strats here before i left and was in my head all along the way today..the song and the album posted below. This Sewin Machine i got ol Mr. Blue is like a rocket, not quite the rolling thunder of the Rhino Bike but wow is like riding a formula one car round , an a handful to handle especially on da dirt LoL 🙂  Will sew me a new tail if i don’t watch it! LoL, not funny but at 55 mph i can turn the throttle and it starts to spin the rear wheel, So was my thrilling adventure for the day. So I told mYself this am

Be _Positively Positive” No matter What!


“crashing is not n option”

jest like when i fly in the sky!


Stratovarious is Sratovariously Awesome to me ~

Da Strats are 2 Kewl Fer Skewl! 🙂
Positively positive speaking now!
Stratovarius – Hunting High and Low


Wanna Hear More of this breed an variety of evr changing Music by The Strats check this out it is the album where the above song comes frum,,,I guess its time for me to play it again in my mind and life the way i see it, Take care evryone if this is ur brand of music u will appreciate the talent of the STRATS!:)..Glory To The World:).

This is for my Infinite DreamLady!…Q

Infinite is the eight studio album released by the finnish power metal band Stratovarius. Released on February 28, 2000 through an independent record label, Nuclear Blast, it contains the fan favorite single, Hunting High And Low. It is considered by some fans to be their magnum opus. Thgs is what i consider classical rock OPERA! :)…I especially like the song infinity with the opera rock sound…an da begging pleas!..



Stratovarious: Hunting High And Low 0:00
Millennium 4:08
Mother Gaia 8:17
Phoenix 16:36
Glory Of The World 22:50
A Million Light Years Away 27:42
Freedom 33:01
Infinity 38:05
Celestial Dream 47:27


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