Purple Soul Flys

This is very kewl, and I took the test to find out that my soul is the color I believed it was, gewd to know my intuition was correct and it didn’t turn up being I had a Black Soul? er sumpin like dat
I did a blog on this in my 360 once
and had to come back again too see ?
if my soul had changed color …and kewl as heck
IT DID’NT .hehe…..
well that was 3 yearz+ ago er so and welp since that time, a wandering soul has jest notified me that the link has expired to take the test…so…if ya know of the links addie…let me know:)…..
~ SO ~

Your soul is painted the color purple, which embodies the characteristics of sensuality, spirituality, creativity, wealth, royalty, nobility, mystery, enlightenment, arrogance, gaudiness, mourning, confusion, pride, delicacy, power, meditation, religion, and ambition. Purple falls under the element of Earth, and was once a European symbol of royalty; today it symbolizes the divine.
Quizzes and Personality Test
What color is your soul painted? i did ask in my 360 werld?
and got the answer:) an today it remains the same 🙂
*Quarksire’s is Purple~
!!!!!!!!i thought this was jest too kewl fer skewl:)………q🙂
question of the day fer q:)? how do ya communicate with an angel?
i mess up every time i do ~ and well
finally though i think i might have it a bit wired:)
found out if ya love ur angel, well
shell treat ya better:)…lol
wonder if email werks 🙂 er i should plug in
to the great www in da ol mind
da spiritual switchboard right!:)
grid 9 11 left zero point right lower 28th paradigame:)
sounds like some football game huh:) hehe
well directions are directions
one way er another:)
okay well it’s all jest a dillusional mind
i’ve been told this purple soul has anyhow….
didnt really know the divine are confused though
hehe….and theymust be talking bout a wealthy spirit:)
cuz i surely aint wealthy
but don’t that jest figure….lol…would be my luck~~~
at least now i know bob was right lol:)
dylan that is
fer’ me is jest a confuzzled wealthy 1:yeah right!
figures it would be purple haze too:)
and not a little Clearlight:)
but then who has a clear soul
a soul ya can see through?
yes its layte hehe
what more could one expect!:)
Jest a Halo Below From an Angel Above


A halo’s below while the Angels are from above:)

this little shadow below
that is so bright!
can u see below the foot on top of the cloud
lewk at the Halo of a rainbow /shadow/circle below:) how kewl huh:)…..
from a rev it up flight with danrev here after the snow melted in may
so wisdom of da day!
~ be very careful down here ~ er’ up here as it may be ~
~ fer this may be ur one and only chance? ~& dance!
u can fly up above ur shadows
can fly above the rainbows
u can fly through the arch of a rainbow:)
but it may still may be ur only dance?:(..
so we fly very carefully:)..
know this: “crashing is not an option”, nor getting bucked off the horse anymore! ~
gettin sick of the horse game!~~~~
horses don’t have a throttle, and heck i’m safer flying:)..
no seat bealts or harnesses to keep me on the horse?
Gettin back in the saddle is kewl…..ya know…..
Especially if it’s the saddle of ur flying angel!
twisting the throttle or pushing it
sounds much safer to me:) than horses
Famous last werdz huh:)
but now my flying angel…..
well …I got to trust her!:) ya see…
fer knowin whatcha love is da name of the game:)
so what was this blog about? ya say

well, horses, halos,an flying!

don’t werk at nothin ya don’t want to this week okay!
~~~~~~~~~~over and out frum Q
What color is ur soul? today?

5 thoughts on “Purple Soul Flys

    • ur funny! LoL 🙂 made me laugh thanks…it means i really, really i don’t know, but is fun to dream aint it! LoL jest kinna like me is all true blue but a bit off frum magenta! LoL 🙂 hugs to ya sher! y an namaste’ 2 frum Q

  1. Reblogged this on Quarksire and commented:

    freinds::: ….well..a friend came by and we chatted bout such things in life as what is and what is not, an what not , till it gets tied into this amazing thing called Knots Lol…well, has been quite the day in quarks zoo, which has dwindled down from 8 animalz, 9 including me here on my spot, well now i jest got the 4 and will soon be 3 and much more managable:),,,oh what a crew Q’s Zoo……So he was exporing my web werld and was so excit4d and elated when he saw the purple soul blogs it made me do the purple soul thing all over again…so ya know where that came from ifn ya hadnt seent the set of blogs 3 in a row purple soul swims purple soul flys and purple soul rolls , well is cuza i have taken a liking to those things for many years along with soaring etc etc…..frum water skiis to jet skiis to bikes an flying, eventually it takes its toll lol , so i have settled down to the ultralight and the bikes…chow for now , hope ya enjoyed the vids ifn ya nevr seen em here 🙂 hasta..Da’ Q 🙂

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