Warm Memories

~Happy Birthday Blueangelwolf~

~ Warm memories ~ Thank You! ~ 4 ever an after!


We are each one a grain of sand funneled by cosmic winds
Onto a god’s mandala ~
A grain of sand sighing through the umbilical of a breath of moonlight.
As our external sun diminishes
An internal sun brightens,
The flow of all
Is the intensity of the immediate ~
Flesh on flesh opens
As a flower to the sun’s rays ~
Each of us cosmic holograms,
Each of us completely all other
Wedded to loss and sweetness of consciousness,
Wedded to love and the terrible terror of this life ~
Mourners sprawled onto the shifting sands,
The beach of eternal unknowing,
This tentative foothold we have in forgetfulness
Slipping away as it must and as it should in reaching
More more more as we thrust into quantum fields ~
Feedback of the indifferent sky searing our eyes.
Walk into the flaming suns within yourself and come back to you,
The you of molten gold on the bottom of your soul crucible
Mired in denseness and dread of not-feeling darkness,
Slimy thickness of black oil covering the water of life ~
As within so without,
Within a desert ~ so without,
Or within the fountain eternal springs creative fires,
Twitch and ripple out of your jaded skin,
Throw off the pelt of ego needs
Suffocating in the shallows,
Reach beyond on the waves rolling to the thousand rays of a sun burning
Into the heart of you me and all ~
Veins and arteries are all the mangled branches desiring realignment
Unconditionally to the cosmic order of Love ~
Part of the great sigh of completion
In harmony with absence imbued with light ~
A universe squeezed into a tiny infinite burst of Joy!
In this pivoting between perception and recognition
Associations abounding,
Snapping past the two plus two
Making five the pointed stars of our bodies
Outstretched against the black void,
Our two-stranded DNA snapping electromagnetic
To the rhythm of blinking stars,
All of us together
A mating ball of snakes
As the Dreamer rolls the dice of the eternal now
Along the alley of space-time
A wave of tangled light in the void
Gathering points of luminosity ~
Consciousness glowing and growing
Entering the dark uterine presence ~
Generating a new physical world ~
Continuous creation.
We are each one a grain of sand funneled by cosmic winds
Onto a god’s mandala ~
A grain of sand sighing through the umbilical of a breath of moonlight.
** Just passing through **

above poem by blueangelwolf – aka angela ! 🙂

Above blog a tribute and thank you and a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Angela 🙂

loving thanks & cheer an best wishes 2 U 4 ever ,

with warm memories!



Above & Beyond – You Got To Go (MJ Cole remix) – 0:00
Synkro – Everybody Knows – 2:45
Tolerance – Chamber of Secrets – 6:25
Phaeleh – Losing You – 7:46
BT – The Emergency (Gemini remix) – 9:36
Thrice – Broken Lungs (Adventure Club remix) – 12:35
Down Jones – Can’t Walk This Way (Command Strange remix) – 15:22
Little Dragon – Twice (16 Bit remix) – 17:00
Asa – Catch You (Koan Sound remix) – 18:20
Birdy – People Help The People (TIP’s Sunken Hearts remix) – 20:25
Glebstar – Major Tom (Dubstep Remix) – 22:50
Submotion Orchestra – All Yours – 24:18
Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Atlas Hands (Kashii remix) – 27:00
Enigma – Now We Are Free – 28:55
BT – Every Other Way (GZUS remix) – 32:06
The xx – Night Time (Synkro remix) – 34:25
Unquote – Cold Tenderness – 36:16
Blackmill – Journey’s End – 38:13
Mt. Eden & Ruby Frost – Oh That I Had – 40:05
Loz Contreras – Sarajevo (Blackmill remix) – 43:30
Shorterz & Enigma (feat. Little Palm) – Rag Doll – 46:45
Tolerance – Timeship – 48:40
Gemini – Blue – 50:28
Phaeleh – In The Twilight – 53:13
Hiatus & Shura – Fool’s Fortune – 56:30


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