Syrius Mind State Optimiser and Alpha Stim 4 Sale

“WITHOUT HESITATION”…frum shadows of the past and a future that i must now be in control of instead of giving all my power away for the sake of love, that isn’t and doesn’t even happen anyhow,…….. on that note i have a couple of items i need to sell, would rather not get rid of them but is what it is! 🙂

First off i have a Syrius Mind State Optimiser for sale….it is a Cool Mind Tool.


morebout it is as follows: It is an Audio Visual Synthesizer is a new kind of “Mind Machine” experience, melding a rainbow of color choices with clear, crisp digital sound. The resulting synthesis can be used to modulate states of consciousness in rich new ways. This Syrius includes 50 unique, pre-programmed light and sound sequences (called sessions, or programs) within its internal memory, each designed with a specific goal in mind..

Imagine a world of pure, jewel-like color illuminating your visual and mental fields. Amazing visual effects can be produced, including the illusion of complex, shifting geometrical imagery. This imagery can be so compelling that the mind clears of extraneous thoughts and distractions and other stresses of daily life. In this way the Syrius experience is a form of meditation.

Its state of the art color synthesis elements can modulate smoothly between fields of pure color (ganzfeld), through subtle shimmering effects, to full-on flicker with a frequency range up to 75Hz. Each color channel (red, green, and blue) is independently programmable, allowing up to three simultaneous frequencies at once. The internally synthesized, high quality isochronic tones and binaural beats are in perfect sync with the ganzfeld effect visuals.

Powerful, free software and an easy-to-use USB interface enables you to create your own sessions for unlimited expansion and endless variety. Additional sessions, documentation and User Forums are conveniently available on our support site.
A Company That Delivers

MindPlace, Inc is the world’s most experienced and trusted manufacturer of Light and Sound Machines. We have produced trend-setting enlightenment technologies since 1988.

2 Year Limited Warranty on Console, 1 Year on Ganzframes
Stunning visual experience
Mood shifter
Access deeply tranquil states, quickly
Accelerated learning
Stimulate creativity and visualization
Brighten up!
Altered states of consciousness
Create millions of colors with our Procyon Visual Effects Engine
Variable phase control of light waveforms, including real-time phase shifting.
Colored ganzfeld option-create non flickering fields of light which shift in hue and brightness.
Multiple color waveforms (sine, pulse, triangle)
Free Software Editor for Windows available from our support site
Large flash memory store – up to 1,600 segments
Great customer service and support
Change your mind!

MindPLace Gets $249.00 for the newest version now, mine is bout 2 years old.I want $150.00 bucks for it.

Second on my list of items here is an Alpha-Stim Aid from Alevia Health, Inc.

Alpha-Stim® AID
The Alpha-Stim® AID provides C
ranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) for the treatment of mood disorders such as anxiety, insomnia and depression.


Treating anxiety, depression, and insomnia with CES
The Alpha-Stim® AID treats anxiety, depression, and/or insomnia with microcurrent using a method called cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES). The treatment is very simple. The current is applied by easy to use clip electrodes that attach on the ear lobes. You may feel a slight tingling sensation under the electrodes, but it is not necessary to feel this in order to achieve results.

Used just 20 to 60 minutes every day, every other day, or on an as-needed basis, CES can help induce a pleasant, relaxed feeling of well being. The Alpha-Stim® AID is well tolerated and very safe in contrast to drugs used in the treatment of mood disorders, many of which have been proven to have undesirable side effects and can be addictive. Unlike drugs, the Alpha-Stim® AID leaves the mind alert. Anxiety reduction is usually experienced during treatment. Depression and insomnia control is generally experienced after several weeks of daily treatment. CES can also help treat the underlying mood disorders associated with pain.

The Alpha-Stim® AID may be used as an adjunct to medication and/or psychotherapy. After treatment, there are usually no physical limitations imposed so the majority of people can resume normal activities immediately. Maintenance of a relaxed, yet alert state is generally achieved with treatments three times per week. As a result, the Alpha-Stim® AID is suitable for clinical or home use.

Treated conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

Alpha-Stim® advantages:

  • Low incidence of adverse effects
  • More efficacious than most other forms of therapy
  • Relatively easy to learn
  • Alternative in cases refractory to conventional care
  • Reduces or eliminates need for addictive medications
  • No tolerance
  • May be applied on schedule or PRN
  • May be self-administered by patients
  • Highly cost effective

A brief history of CES
Electrosleep treatment (an older name for CES), involving less than one milliampere of current, came into the USA from Japan in the late 1960s, which, in turn had borrowed it from Russia and other East Block countries. Since the electricity was directed across the head, the FDA renamed it Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) in 1978, and now allows its marketing in the USA for the treatment of anxiety, depression and insomnia.

A major use of CES has been in the drug abstinence syndrome in which people are withdrawing from various substances of addiction, such as nicotine, alcohol, prescription drugs, cocaine or heroin. All such patients have anxiety, depression and insomnia as defining symptoms of the syndrome, and the vast majority benefit dramatically from the use of CES during the withdrawal period. The medical use of CES is becoming more widely indicated in the USA as these and stress from a myriad of other sources continue to build up in our society. Read more about the mechanism of Alpha-Stim® CES.

What scientific research has been conducted with CES?
At present, there are over 126 research studies on CES in humans and 29 experimental animal studies. The overwhelming majority of the scientific research is extremely positive. No significant lasting side effects have been reported.

Harvard University School of Public Health, Department of Health Policy and Management found: “The meta-analysis of anxiety showed CES to be significantly more effective than sham (P<.05).” (Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials of cranial electrostimulation: efficacy in treating selected psychological and physiological conditions by Dr. Sidney Klawansky et al. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 183(7):478-485, 1995).

The Alpha Stem sells for $795.00 new at Alevia-Health 

I Am asking $500.00 for my unit……if interested please connect with me via email… i would be glad to connect with ya via telephone to sort out the details:) … till laters 🙂 enjoy ur weekend and january 2014.

Over and out from Q




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    Necessary Ingredients; For the one exploring the inner self, their brain and body! with relationship to to Higher Mind Functions and Spiritual Growth. 2 tools that are teaching toolz so one can learn how to synthisize and optomise with thier own soul and spirit force. Please contact me if u are interested in either of these “toolz” … 🙂 Q

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