Anyone ever hear of?  “affluenza,” well it is
a syndrome that keeps someone from a wealthy background from learning that bad behavior has consequences!! even makes dis ol bear jest Gag! not funny really! read on…

What we now have these dayz is a legal system, really, not a system of actual justice any longer, but if you have to know how to work that system to make money which is what keeping Marijuana illegal is all about = MONEY. The Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) was initially known as the Prison Industrial System (PIS), but (PIS) didn’t seem appropriate, but I think now that the term (PIS) is the most appropriate terminology as well as for the Corrections Corporation of America.
Sumpin to think do bout also the way i see it if fit!
There are over 800,000 people in prison just for weed while rapists and murderers get out early because of overcrowding.
question of da day?
Where is justice ? in the hands of those who stand on the backs of those less fortunate.
Fact of the matter is: Our systems and civilized humanity in general is unjust and little anyone can do about it cause it is led by rich political snobby idiots that push their ideology on all.
Drug laws as many laws are simply a racket to keep the prison industrial complex going, it’s as simple as that.
let a teenager in Dallas who got drunk and killed 4 people in a car go to a dude ranch where he can meditate, play tennis, basketball, golf, swim, do yoga, and horseback ride because the daddy is rich, paid off the judge, and is in the oil business,. Just shows you how fked up Texas is.
as so a man spending life in prison for possessing pot more than 3 timez, This happens all over the country, Like WTF? has the judicial system simply gone mad er what?…
Land of The free! yeah right!?:(
it does appear though as we americans and canadians
 have is the most expensive legal system in the world and only the rich “win”.
That is The Crime
Note to self: Stay In Colorado! home of the Half Free!


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