Cleansing Da’ Soul

Ever feel like ur jest hanging on the fence wundering , like geez whats coming next!???
^^^ hangin’ on da’ fence^^^

Photo taken of Diana McDee by Q

35mm format 70mm lens from 20 ft away^^^

~~~dang shadow in pic~~~geez Q!~~~

On Cleansing the Soul! an keepin a kleen mind!

Keep in Mind! Whilst one is in da’ Healing Mode of life emotional cleansing can take a toll on us and make us feel a bit overwhelmed an run down,

but “this too shall pass”.

Many a time we need to cleanse and detoxify our bodies and minds…especially if one is going through an ascension process of some kind. a lot of the times we as humans at that juncture experience flu like symptoms, remember it is only a symptom and the aches an pains in the body are really releases of the toxic werld inside, caused by ones mind and environment. Much of the fatigue and overwhelming sadness that exuberates from ones brain an mind, makes us feel as if we are coming down with something, don’t werry or let it get ya down more , is only natural part of the healing process! It is part of our own personal calling , every one his or hers own that calls this to us and this is commonly a natural but sometimes heart rendering part of the process that commonly accompanies Deep Inner Soul Werk. As we do this calling upon ouselves it is a challenge to the body as we examine our emotions and beliefs at many a time it is. It often prompts us to certain inner changes as well as external shifts in our very own personal REALITY…We often grow tired an one fatigues when the hippocampus in our brain becomes overwhelmed and has to release:) the best cure for this is a good cleansing meditation or nap:)
Feeling under the weather or wind as it is tonight or the storms so often that come and go well?, it is at this time that our universe is telling us it is time to take a break…Let the sun shine in a bit and jest relax and take in the goodness as it is given…Best to allow instead of push in these instances also, go with the flow so to say….take a break.relax and be kind to the brain from the kind side of the mind. Learning how to listen and honor our bodies is jest part of the grand consciousness in each of us in becoming conscious itself, while on this spiritual journey called life.
So, point of all this is when one is feeling like this and thingz are not well, make an effort to gain more sleep, somehow some way, release the hippocampus in the brain{the hard drive} it can’t hold that much info and the more active one is the faster it gets filled thus requiring more sleep:)
Other ways to support ur mental health and ur bodies physical health also are to be eating as healthy as possible, drink plenty of clean non chlorinated % or Non-flourided water!, do herbal teas, take vitamins, eat all the colors of the rainbow that the body can handle of “LIVE” foods…the most nutritious{although the q don’t like many of em}..take vitamin C and get D it is both good for the immune system in human beings. Lotsa different homeopathic remedies can also sumtimez aid and assist in the body’s need for recovery when overwhelmed by emotional pr physical states or both…….its all in the MIND NOW I RE-MIND U!
Going for long walks in the wilderness or the desert away from any noise or people also helps!
Talking in a loving manner from ur mind to urself is also healthy in recovery jest as its healthy to talk to ur animalz or ur plants believe it er not, they do somewhat understand more than ud ever believe….
Most of all things though Forgiveness…or letting things go is most of all important!, resentments are sure killers in this werld of thought and mind which in turn comes out through emotions and the body!…
Letting these thingz go through various forms of meditation or music no lyrically in tune; or meditating on the magenta or azure blue inside of u…these things help in the speed and recovery frum a damaged mind and body!…

In Addendum; One if they believe so ; can always call upon themselves their guides and angels or their higher power to assist in easing the “symptoms” of what is causing the un easy feelinz.
It is all natural to go through these times of “being under the weather ” so to speak but there is no reason to get ur feathers all ruffled if its not to windy in the mind,,,be kind to urself. Let go of ur woories and don’t let ur past steal ur future, life is too short for that!…remember as they say in the 12 step programs; “this too shall pass”…and get on with gettin’ on and keep on keeping on ,,with “IT” whatevr “IT” might be in ur life……..Stay inspired an be well by thinking good thoughts and forgiving all the bad:) and others fear based stuff they lay upon ya also…….

Hopefully the tips above if put in use might assist ya along the healing process of forgiveness and releasing all the Karma {both taken an given} frum one soul to another. quark here don’t know it all bout all the whys an hows but puttin it into werds here an re-readin what i think is imporrtant to me, an to practice what i preach an believe….
Other than that i can’t think of much more at present so …till next time ……….kind thoughts to one an all, even those whom betray against honest souls!…..Live Long an Prosper ; in all wayz! as ya travel down the path of karmas delight this night er day whatever it be 2 u:) any way make the best of it one can at any moment and hour during the day , make the next best decision and let the woories go and the pains go and the higher order of thingz will do the rest..try it fer a day….Hope it werks for u as gewd as it do me, jest takes a bit of time an practice, sometimes yearz, but what the hay,,that’s what Patience an Love is all bout right!..i do so think so……..

think before ye act,think before ye speak,think before u do !

act intelligent an or fake it till ya make it

u’ll get it right sumday…

Think, dip frum da chalace’….then think bout it again!

says Q

Diana Ponderz by Quarksire

Diana Ponderz by Quarksire

above pic using a 200mm lens bout 50 ft away
Time to kick back relax and ponder with the good side of the mind at werk it is now!..ur choice er not! 

Namaste’ to one an all frum……Q



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