Singing Toilets & Cat Scratch Fever 4 Q

Quarked Singing Toilets An Cat Scratch Fever-What do they have in common? not funny true story folks,,,watch out fer the singing toilets an da mean animalz: Whilst one is:

Sacramonolizing the music of the singing toilets!

Imagine this…………
it was my very own karma that attracted them to me and , made me attracted to them…I was then on the road to madness, after Cat Scratchj Fever,,,Yes folks cat scrach fever, from the wild bobcat that lived within the singing toilets….
The singing toilets came to me by supprize,,,thay were being dumped by the truckloads next door to my house, as u can see in this pic I have titled the singing toilets, will get to that in a  minute…
Came from far an few in between the lifestyle i was living that the time in the mountains,,,Surviving after the 6.0 earth quark that took out 6000 fireplaces in one day on one mountain,, mr carl maltby the maltby fireplace they called em,,the all came tumbling down to the ground on most of the 5000 cabins built round the alll natural rock fireplace, some came into their houses other landed outside some jest crumbled to the ground, but was a gewd lesson for Q that if ya lever near earthquakee prrone ares, be on gaurd…for the potential disastares all round..and all over the ground,Well nevrtheless we got 12,000 dollars for our broken fireplace frum FEMA was kinna kewl :),

OK; back to the SINGING TOILets,,,They decided since so many toilets were broke off in the community after the earthquake and also that well, the water that was used to flus the somewhere near 10,000 houses was coming out of the local lake,,,so what better thing to do but give all 7 er 8 thousand people in the community low flush as to reduce the amount drawn from the lake,,so they started this program of giving free toilets all over , and well community services projerckt yard was right next door to my lot i had, Eventually all the Songing toilets would be dumped in the ocean somewhere off the pacific where they want to build a underground reef for the local fish habitat.and so….. became the sage of the singing toilets.
Is like a christmas story of both bad things and good all happening all at once because of the singing toilets, an event never to be quite duplicated exactly again, i am sorry i have lost all the etheric tape recordings i made in those dayz..was pert amazing!
Ok to explain the singing toilets a bit!!! imagine again!….One would wake up on a cold winterz morning, and walk outside, as the sun was rising and starting to shine its lights on the singing toilets, and well after it snowed with all the moisture an all the toilets would be all full of water some half full, some a little full, some a lot full. The results in the morning would pe more popping sounds than tinking and singing sounds, was kinna’ eerie,,,as the snow thawed in the toilets and they were heated by the sun they would pop,,hundreds to thousands of pops a minute,,,and well in the evening as the toilets were beginning to freeze they would make this amazing tinking sound as if someone were playing spoons on the porcalan. At hundreds of beats a minute this sound going on first was brought to my attention one morning bout 7 er 8 am…whilst in bed bout 100 feet away on the other side of the fence ,,i could hear these amazing tunes being played by the singing toilets…
Well i did get a photo of a wild Rocky Mtn Lynx within the toilets one day was kinna kewl, but , nevertheless in the end i got gotten, i come home one eve to find this cat had entered my house, for food or what not and was chowing down on some chicken on the counter, when he saw me he was furious i was in way of his meal, i tried to shoo him angrily out of the house —didnt werk, cat grabbed ahold of my arm latched on and started biting me, i had to hit cat on wall to release him, was kinna a violent event, nevertheless, I ended up going to hospital within an hour er so due to the fact i got Cat Scratch fever LoL, heck i always though that song was a joke but now i believe diffeerent lol. yessiree!


Okay till next time ,,,hopefully i won’t be singing bout toiletz


meandering boutz werdpress here


……adios from Q aka

mikey the photographer Junkie in Colorado!


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