More Wild Photography Frum da’ Squirrel’s Nest

Quarked one bringz to u hopefully a bit More Eye Candy! @ Least 1 more time 2 day before heading out to play!



White Wolf a rareity among his breed, is a Diggin it fer’ a snake er Varmit dat buried itself away from him, he knows it’s there and was frantic at trying to find it while i hid behind a bush and took pics, Till, he finally noticed me and scurried away all mad i showed up to mess up his good hunt! This is old Skewl Minolta Non-Automatic 35mm with asa 200 grain film, an a 400mm zoom lens.This white wolf is very determined to get at what is under the sand.


Hope everyone that hasa dropped by Q’s Werld Haza great day the Universal way!

Again i re-iterate – With Animals as Subjekts,  well, ya have to interface with with a telephoto from far away, in these kinna conditions i say , may the sun always be at ur back if at all possible. Stayin’ on the correct side for the light where its right makes a difference.

…. 🙂 ….


Jest hang on a minute i think i have a photographic point more frum the ol Squirrel’s nest~


Here we go Freedom yeah that’d be sumpin really now would it not….Still a Lone Wolf with Determination!



Whilst da’ Eagle lewks out fer Prey, seen through a 400mm Lens


….Turns his head ur way an Click…hes not afraid, for between he an I are a cyclone fence ….


Q Says its almost feeding time round the zoo, so gotz to go


…Peace Out to Allz Frum BrandonBear Missy An Da Q…


All Photos above shot by the Q an ur welcome to use em ifn ya link back to where the shot came frum Not a Problem


…hope u enjoyed my little picture show

frum a long wayz away:) whever U Be!

most likely, seeing as i have a lotta different visitors Werld Wide, like so many of the wordpress users do. Enjoy ur travels: and how evr ya travel, Im Hungry Says Dis’ Bird now how bouts U

Remember Now!: Crashing is Not an Option!”

🙂 “Keep on Keepin On” 🙂



4 thoughts on “More Wild Photography Frum da’ Squirrel’s Nest

  1. Good on you Q! Amazing to be able to hide behind a bush to take a pic of a wolf… something we would only dream of doing Down Under…at least where I live! Great pics!

    • well, it was at the wild animal park, but nevertheless, i was happu out of bout 15 shots i took i got the 3 er 4 kewl ones,,as that wolf rustled at whatevr was buried in da’ sand, thank for the comment, sumday a dream of mine is to get to the down under an fly the morning glorys there 🙂 are simply spectacular ..take care. Q

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