Queensrÿche: Queen Of The Reich


For she had really never given it a second thought she lewked in da’ mirror



It was then she realized, she was beautiful, and a Star.. more than an angel indeed….

a shining star that wanted to reach out and touch the werld she seen

…so became a story….The story of THE QUEEN of the REICH ! in Q’s Life !



a dream an a hope was what waz
that shed recieve me in all the simplest of choices
shed choose to forgive & trust me
allow me to be her rock an her friend again;
was a hope a prayer an a dream – that now only seems lost in time
when the angel closed her eyes-

oh what did she see? did she see me
that angel – eh? – will she be coming back again like the thunder chasing the wind

or dissapearing alike da’

lightning that jest fades away as a spark in the sky…..
= Will my angel ever open up her eyes –

– will this feeling ever come back again –
i can feel my soul – now against the wind – as i fly ***courageously about!***
if there was the Emergency of Now!?

well,,,, i am all alone….
there is no help to me…

not today…an
if she was thinkin i might get led astray,
what bout the wayz she was 2 me till today
i told her i loved her an my mind was true and sound-
now shes no where to be found..
I hear her voice when she said shed always be around
and now i wunder,
So? what made her lead herself astray?,

 leaving me with nothing…….without her……..
well i wunder is all i can do ,,what is to do …without her Once Again This Day in My Life!
couln’t keep it going to make us stronger

no she wouldnt let that be,

,,cuz she was always a wooried…
that i might get led astay…ya see!

So, in the end there she will be above the grave,, she so dug fer me….

An Jest a place fer me to lay me weeary ol; head

Queensrÿche: Queen of the Reich –

oh an she spoke fluent german too


how bout dat sayz Q

~~~queen of the reich by theartofdarrenvannoy digital art ~~~




3 thoughts on “Queensrÿche: Queen Of The Reich

    • yes well i didn’t take a new cd so i only got liker 5 mins of video, so i ended up with a lotsa still shots……..was an awesome concert tommorrow i shall review my handi werk,,i took a hundred pids er sp well, see what i come up with :)……. Thanks fer daa’ comment .

  1. was the most fun i’ve had in 4 years plus:) yessireeee 🙂 way kewl..show all these guyz Geoff Tate and the otherz pulled of was 2 kewl fer skewl everyone 🙂 as far as the Q was concerned pics an video to come 🙂 in due time :)….now it;’s ummmm well of to a multi-dimensional wilderness with da Q :)… by the way if ya read this Thank to U very much Cindy Lou and Shannon 🙂 more than inspirational to me 🙂 and yes the past 20 years has been great in pagosa cuza knowing people like U miss lou…special place in mikey heart u have, bringz me to the now though lol…,,, guess i need that haircut i was tellin Stevo Bout 🙂 . we’ll see bout that!..thanks Stevo and gals for all that was and is….and fondest of fond memories, 8 hr adventure to the,@ The Queen of The Reicht.. well Geoff u got ur coming soon in my werld, to bad the jacuzzi wasn’t 24 / 7 huh well maybe nesxt time 🙂 different venue huh okay,,,catchya all laterssss…….da Q aka quaked one in Colorado on me ol hilltop :)…into multi-land 🙂 see ya on the other side 🙂 ……rendeveous ..how ya spell? dat editor .? ok well thanks .to all again that read this that were there that know the mikey 🙂 I’m Eggshausted 🙂 but what else for eastertime 🙂 an ressurectionssssss 🙂 of one kind er another 🙂 thanks again all who participated in Q’s life tonight , a bit.ur all very much appreciated / a lot 🙂 ……….Q

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