Queensrÿche: Eyes of a Stranger, Live in NYC 2014

Da shot below is of last nights adventure to ignacio colorado, fer operation mindcrime, presented by geoff Tate and His newly reformed Queensrÿche:

Queensryche –   Eyes of a Stranger, Live in NYC 2014

This shot was taken with a cell phone last night

  the Q other shotz  taken with my sony digital to come in the future





By Queensryche: was a great show Same show this year here in ignacio as video here, same group of new groupies to the queensryche venue :)…video footage an lotsa stills to come ..will be in for processing till the 3rd of april, I am transferring to disc an dere are some very kewl shots,,,so this is my last tribute blog to Geoff and Making My whole week month and Year and Life so much better :)….will be off to another group to enetertain some of my musical fans and friends that come across the quarked music videos :).
was the most fun i’ve had in 4 years plus:) yessireeee 🙂 way kewl..show all these guyz Geoff Tate and the otherz pulled of was 2 kewl fer skewl everyone 🙂 as far as the Q was concerned pics an video to come 🙂 in due time :)….now it;’s ummmm well of to a multi-dimensional wilderness with da Q :)… by the way if ya read this Thank to U very much Cindy Lou and Shannon 🙂 more than inspirational to me 🙂 and yes the past 20 years has been great in pagosa cuza knowing people like U miss lou…special place in mikey heart u have, bringz me to the now though lol…,,, guess i need that haircut i was tellin Stevo Bout 🙂 . we’ll see bout that!..thanks Stevo and gals for all that was and is….and fondest of fond memories, 8 hr adventure to the,@ The Queen of The Reicht.. well Geoff u got ur coming soon in my werld, to bad the jacuzzi wasn’t 24 / 7 huh well maybe nesxt time 🙂 different venue huh okay,,,catchya all laterssss…….da Q aka quaked one in Colorado on me ol hilltop :)…into multi-land 🙂 see ya on the other side 🙂 ……rendeveous ..how ya spell? dat editor .? ok well thanks .to all again that read this that were there that know the mikey 🙂 I’m Eggshausted 🙂 but what else for eastertime 🙂 an ressurectionssssss 🙂 of one kind er another 🙂 thanks again all who participated in Q’s life tonight , a bit.ur all very much appreciated / a lot





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