Monochrome Madness Week 5


– MY old business lingo –

an there’s a time an place fer everything and well Laura and Leanne’s Monochrome madness weekly photo submission page has featured a pic of mine on it, i feel very honored and flattered also, is another weekly photo share opportunity to be able to participate in such affairs an a mild boast to the ego here. I wish to thank the both of them for all the hard werk and dedication that it takes to pull off a weekly adventure like this…


Above is my latest version of Monochrome Madness, A Snowy Night With Diana in a Storm – jest click on links to see the other submissions if ur into photography; Well is a fun thing to have a cupa coffee over weekly and lewk at all the submissions. the photo below was a feature in the make up of last weeks challenge, and i again yes , feel very honored ladies and thank u from the bottom of my heart!…

My photo is the one on the top right in the collage {lewking @ You Q}

click on the link below to see other submissions , and to send one urself if ya feel like getting involved in the fun!

Enjoy everyone , and have a great week ahead




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