Listen Up Sheepies


^^^ 😦  an i was in a hurry! lol with life- cuz life is short!^^^ an lewk what happenzzzzzz^^^Sheep Shotz 😦 >>>

So ..heres the deal!?, or not? Honor or not ? honesty or dishonesty, is choice everyone has, the way i see it all the people that play these sorta games haven’t a clue what kind of negative and enduring karma they bring upon themselves if they hurt on another human being in the WORD WERLD as i call it here.@wordpress. Point is you could be writing poems in the Joint poem writing blogs, where 2 people get together and write poems together etc etc ,,, and its the same person , ya might find out, or ya might find out if ur partaking in writing a poem with another on the net etc etc, by jest knowing them by a picture ya might be really fooled that they are not who they are! but an imposter and not even a guy but some chick or vice a versa…many play games like that in the group circles i have been involved in on word press also. Whats really disturbing is when ya see the same ip[ adress showing up as 2 er 3 different nicknames, but many of these folks are clever and say they are in canada when they are somewhere else and say they are in the uk when they are really in usa er canada…once they make the error and reply to a comment and the ip addie gets nabbed ya can see whats up! evenn more clever is the folks that have multiple computers so , multiple ids,different individual ip’s, but still the server will show-so ya know where they are in the world anyhow at least, one Id for Joe blo,,and another for the id angel and another with the id devil, well u know what i mean…taking multipersonalaty complexs in life to a whole different level,,, along with lying and using and abusing! Is all part of thier game. Ussually for Money or Sex or both…
So sheepies !


point of this blog to the sheepie is that well !?do u know who u are doing a poem share with really !? have u talked to them on the phone or shook hands or do u u really know who they are!? or are they jest some person trying to get INSIDE UR LIFE for a multitude of various reasons!? depending ?

Every one that reads me well, knows that For 5 years i have been doing a dance with a person i met on the net, She came to visit spent 3 months with me and said I love U and i’ll be back mikey in a few, help me do this send me money i need $$$, so of course i believed and spent the next 3 years earning and putting together the $ to send to her to make it all happen. Once i sent the money to make it all happen though things started to change, insults to my integrity and lies started coming more often than in the past , like they never should have in the first place i believe, but, she had told me all her LOVE poems {lol} were to me and, well now i am faced with the kind of dilemna i have been over the past here, jest type angel in my search bar and read all the blogs that have to do with angel turnt not angel to me, said she dumped this pencil dick over a month ago now she has 😦 after abusing me for the last year verbally and even in the form of poems written negatively about me. LOVE POEMS ? YEAH RIGHT LoL but not funny! 2 me 😦 More like poems of destruction! u tell me folks! So point of this chapter talking bout angel is , even if ya do know who ur dealing with well, ? do u really? or are ya jest being deceived by the great deceiver, for a few dollars more or the satisfaction of hurting another? what is it really all bout? love er not? honor or respect er not, Well i went and left a respectable not assaultive comment , that was changed and words dropped off it to make it appear i said something i did not 😦 is a sad thing when someone does that but it can happen, Happened to me an hour er so ago! so is why i am blogging this! so be careful and beware of who ya are dealing with and what their motives really are? is it jest enjoyment for fun cuz their bored, or do they really like hurting others? or is it bout sex or $$$, have to figure it out for urself, but give me a break folks,,if ya start writing poetry with a person who claims to be who they are , well do u really know who they are? and do u care? could this guy ur writing poetry with that is new to word press really just be a chick jest messing with ur head? trying to get inside ur life and possibly another’s they fear ur talking to etc etc? all fear based lies? 😦 or if it is a gurl ur writing with guys do u really know its a gurl till ya talk to her on the ph0ne or cam with her etc etc, so jest by a pic on wordpress and what they write does not always show who the person ya deal with and are clicking likes onto etc etc…could be ur husband or wife or boy friend or gurl friend, also ya know jest testing ur integrity! Now i go back to the blog there mentioned above and well, comments are not only changed but gone all together! so goes to show the selfish attitude i gots on the other side of my life:( for over a year now i guess it hads been mystic union female style?

😦 to be thrown at the Q 😦
Well, Whomever ya are if ya read my blog, i wrote this for awareness, and because i care! i Care bout life and strive to be honest and have a lotta compassion for those in pain like me etc etc, from chronic disease that are genetic in nature, and not {self caused} but handed to them from their parents etc etc. or caused by an accident or many or what not!
Those who are here at werdpress to cause pain to others or use and abuse them and or take $$ if the opportunity comes,, those who make promises till they get what they want and then turn on ya well, those whom take werds away from what ya say in their comments etc etc so it means something totally different than intended, I jest hope that in the end the bots catch all the people that pull crap like that against others , jest like the folks that steal others images and art werk and or poetry and claim it to be their own..I write bout karma because i hope these people that are like this might get the pic. and cop to it and straight up and fly right etc etc .but welllllllllll
Whole point of this is watch ur back , and whom ur dealing with i guess, …don’t believe everything u hear and nor everything u read or see – it might not really be thata way at all!
And do not let
“the Great Deciever”
{false evidence appearing real}
cause u or anyone else harm in thier lives

and if it does, well got to jest forget it and move on, move forward without hesitation – because as long as ya hold grudges and/or resentments it will keep on hurting ya for as long as that is, maybe the rest of ur life who knows, and is not good for physical or mental health. I do try to live by the code of forgiveness, but well i am jest a man, and certain things like hurting others intentionally etc etc, well thats up to god to do! cuz i am jest a man, all i can try to do is ask for forgiveness from god and move on and try to forget it! as hard as it might be…..really sucks and is hard to do but ya got to do it or it will kill ya…

Nevertheless, got to watch ur backside folks! So, Beware!

It all Started right here if the link is not allowed jest cut an paste this one ull see whats up ..insanity is all in my mind an i am very hurt by mr doormat and angel and all the people who took part in the sick game against my love for life and angela!

LOVE POEMS YEAH RIGHT! 😦 apparently for her new female friend 😦 as she hates me and men and the world now! 😦

is what it is mikey jest got to accept it and move on now.crazy 😦 and hurts a lot! but what a can a poor sheep do, when dealing with a wolf 😦


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3 thoughts on “Listen Up Sheepies

  1. already getting negativity in response on this blog from my angel not so well is what it is,, at least i know who i am and am not multiple personalities and an invisible liar etc etc out to harm others souls ands lives 😦 especially heres,,hopwe unrightious to have done said and or talked that crap bout mike here 😦 is plain sick and sad and heartless and cruel and mean, indifferent is what it is and very off the mark for a human being 😦 namaste to one and all.yeah atleast i know what i am and who i am , no matter what slander i gots put all over the net bout me 😦

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