Fallen Flight now Fallen Again

Lewk MOM Watch Me lol
Well when i was a child i started out ..
water skiing & running off the high dive! and hitting his head on the high dive, strong skulled Q call me, started then and a few skull fractures 2 glad i didnt end up like michael schumacher , prayers waiting to see if he will recover er not so by the way i ever tell u i am a 12 step member of PA – Paragliders Annonymous!,,we have a problem with not being able to control ourselves and the right time to fly and er not ..so another story!!




Whatevcer it is the one 2 – 7 addictions we all have we pick, christ said in aramaic – choose ur rackma wisely<sp> however its spelled, anyhow it was translated to choose ur friends wisely by king james,, allittle broad viewpoint confuscious say huh 2 Q 2 day!..once again..anyhow yues fault of mine and well courses again on this issue, getting rid of my addictions to different things like “People” especially or “arelationship” er what not ur pick……ok ahead we go here….fallen flight fallen again yep yep heregborn again 4th year in a row…fer da Q….

now i wunder if i should go call mom and tell her
I’m going to Jump off a Cliff LOL


Yelling for the EGO to be Watched πŸ™‚ and appraised:) lol.for what it could do:)

NOw it seems to have become grander and way different πŸ™‚

Life now is fer da birdz fer me:)
ya see
Have FUN wheether u like it er not!
it is the will of GOD!

Inevitably ? right ?

Whether one Decides to Straighten up and Fly Right er not?


left brain right brain hm? let me see here .which one shall i werk out of today some say?


don’t fer get da grey area with ur gray matta lol
while u stay here on planet earth!:)

as life and perception therefore thereof does!
change fereeeever till eternity!

Move forward without hesitation!

Some times it’s the BACKFLIPS one does in ones life that make all the Difference in da’ werld:)


knowing the SPOT and ALL
fer sumtimez
>>>THe Beauty of it all is in the recovery:)
…it it done with grace and love or does one fight the AIR!

For Even when one travels at high speed

Time has to slow down to be able to comprehend RECOVERY


when ur in the proximity of being able to show off a bit do it!
Ya only Live Once!

LIve life as if ya might dissapear like a fly on da’ wall!

Then ya will see the justification in it all, all the crazy stuff mankind does:)
for virgin ears have never been there before ,
doesn’t mean they cant go there:)
or listen uP^^^

proximity is what it is ……
close er not

deep inside ur virgin ears…
whats to stop ur yearning now
.but to stop all of ur fears crystal fears?:(

all the crystal fears we all hear ..
face ur fears!……
if i could only make it so very crystal clear!

deep inside ur yearning and learning we all got to face da fears
to make it Crystal Clear.

when ya fly by the spots in life where brothers and sisters have Crashed
May we only hope for our own lifes dream not to be the same……

Before Making the U turn @4;20 …U’ll see…..turn away from the death ^ to a new approach2life
Remember……what Goodness ya see think feel and say..
let it be ur guiding way.to a new day………

but that they themselves that have gone before have taught us how to be more sane!
and how to play this game of life.sane er not.
is what it is.
…….all the same……JUMP er not!?

Β well Q sayz Jump! Fer its not as hard as one might think!


?Enjoy ur Sunday an week ahead to everyone who pops into my quarked werld to read me πŸ™‚ was fer a SERIOUS! Laugh With a serious point where the point needs to be asserted, well, we shall see who ends up riding out the rest of this deal with da Q,Dis Deal Called Life ..Hay ladies I think i might be taking Interviews, so stay tuned, lol…,,in the days of the future past – who will she be , er will i go out alone hm? er will there be a she again ? onluy spirit knows ? an my holy ghost i guess. Although, In theΒ  NOW i Be ok BUT IN pAIN PHYSICALLY! …but ok, need to go do some werk out fer a few out on me cliff,,cya on the rebound πŸ™‚ Q?


believe it er not.well i attempt to lol..if ya can call it that…good to stretch as much as possible as tight as my morphed back an abdomen feel.ok take care over an out frum Q till next time .got werk 2 do !

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