Pink Climax Update!

Frum Da Dark Side of Da moon Eclipsed through Time till now!


palpable Pink is the Cure fer me 🙂


A thanks to the wordpress user who saw to it i found correction to one of my playlists at Q-Tube Werld here, so i have corrected and edited it and deleted the inoperable links. At least i think i have anyhow, if anyone spots any bad links throughout my stuff that is bothersome to you please drop me a comment and i will correct it, especially if it is a dramatic error that well, wango me didn’t lewk up and edit and fix before posting er sumpi, anyhow please let me know if ya come across blatent errors un-intended.


     Ok well, as many of U know i daily and even as i sit here right now have to deal with not a pain in the ass but a pain in my lower abdomen that is excruciating, so as something i do a lot for to ease the burdens of the pain is listen to my favorite playlists. This band is my feature band for the month of April here for Quarksire. I so wish i could see another Pink Floyd concert , but well thatll not happen so i can settle for all my U tube stuff i got saved to watch as whenevr i feel like it off line 🙂


Pink Floyd

Quarksire’s all time fav song of Pink Floyd of all Time …Learning to Fly 🙂




Thumbnail Pink Floyd – Wearing the inside out
Having to have to evr so often is what its all bout to wear it inside out so one can SEE!


Thumbnail The Division Bell

Me U us an Them ? Divided…Why oh why?


Thumbnail Pink Floyd Brain Damage & Eclipse Live 1974


Thumbnail Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall


Thumbnail David Gilmour – Comfortably Numb

YEars Later,alive an well, but yes Comfortably Numb


Thumbnail Pink Floyd – Coming Back to Life – Division Bell

Only happens to a few ya know.other wander the universe aimlessly fer eternity!


Thumbnail Pink Floyd – Coming Back To Life

how many times round the block must one go?


Thumbnail Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here


work is over;for this evening on the WWW @ Quarkland


over an out frum Q


Da Quantum Quarked one!



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