Into da’ Zone

Into the Zone


T here is a place where you can focus, where you can be effective, where you can make a solid connection to the best you have to offer. It is not a physical place, but rather a place that you can reach within yourself.

This Ya might think this place is an illusive place….but it auctually is an easy place to find, although many don’t feel comfortable there?…
There is a way for you to block out the distractions, to give your full attention to the task at hand. There is a way for you to rise above the noise, confusion and superficial concerns that would otherwise hold you back.
Where is that place, what is that way? It is found by living true to your most deeply held purpose.
It is reached by admitting and allowing the person you really are to drive your thoughts and actions. It is attained by honoring your most treasured dreams, by keeping them at the front of your mind, and by knowing that your life will make them real.
Remind yourself of who you are, of what you have to give, of the vision you can offer to life. See ur Vision like yvess rossy saw his. That Vision is the inspiration that leads to action to make the dream er vision a reality!:)That Vision that will put you into a zone where your thinking is clear and focused, and your actions bring the results you intend.
Whatever may be happening in the world around you, there is a way for you to get into a zone of positive purpose and heightened effectiveness.

Connect to the person you truly are, and you are there.
get urself into that zone where creativity mixes with expressionism…and a little fun….can even add a challenge to it too…whatever ya do make it fun!….by gettin into the zone:)…..
the zone of ur dreams…the zone of the dreams that can become truly a reality for ya:)….create from ur dream:)
~ so ~
believe and know ur thoughts are things
goin’ through ur body like sensations on waves…
splashin’ out the other side of expression…into a bit of realism….
and things one only dreamed possible:)…..
a h yes but to not be a dreamer fer me would not allow me to many times see the future that wasn’t …but will be the past after the creation from the expression of the dream has been so superbly done…
achieve ur dreams and visions as goals:)
beyond anything
is ur dreams desires….
with a little fortitude…the visions may become reality!..
so fly away into ur zone…..
if ya climb, climb ur way to the zone
if ya dive well
jest dive right in…if ya ride ride to it- if ya drive drive 2 it …any way ya do it!!!!
most importantly….Jest see the vision in the zone
and follow it with all ur hearts desire 🙂
and ya will become the future this zone of thought has to offer ya…
if ya get my drift…Believe it er Not!

well then ya could jest slip into the zone now couldn’t ya:)
thanks fer slippin’ by my Zoned out blog:)….


okay bye for now….………..
OK, the bakery is comin up on the right…………..@ QUARKSIRES YOU TUBER WERLD



and i thought i was almost lost, now, how bout U!?






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