When Lewkin Back


Never regret …..

If you choose not to make the very most of this day, then one day you’ll look back and regret it. One day you’ll look back on today, and wonder why you were so afraid to take action.


One day you’ll look back on today, and wonder why you let so many of life’s minor inconveniences get you down. One day you’ll look back, and wonder why you couldn’t have been a little more disciplined, a little more focused.

What would you regret not doing, if you could look back on today from ten years in the future? Now is your chance to avoid that stinging regret.


What would you consider important about today, looking back? What opportunities would be evident then, that might be going unappreciated today?


A life of value and meaning is something you build over time, not a jackpot that you win through luck or cunning. or bein’ shrewd in any way…Today is an opportunity to build that life you want, an opportunity that will not come again. One of choice….based upon destiny er fate…ur choice:) lol


Though it is impossible to know what the future will bring, one thing is certain. You’ll never regret making the most of the day that you have right now. And ya won’t go forward if ya don’t take a chance every now and again…


i take chances and gamble every day i get on the roads with the wildlife and the other drivers slip sliddin away…adn every time i fly also….and every time i go to sleep..i gamble on the fact that i shall wake up the next day:)…


well though in all honesty I do regret not investing 1000 bucks in the first shares of yahoo…and microsoft….and google …well…It’d b a different life financially if i a had lol πŸ™‚ oh well…what was that ya? say

Β hien-sight?…..hmmmmmmm……..

so hard not to regret sometimes when ya lewk back …

wonderin whether this blog was bout gamblin?…heinsight

er jest lewkin back<<<<<<<hmmmmmmm?:)

but it is what it is:)..

hehe and mom always told me when i was a kid to never say never:) lol

be thankkful i guess even if ya loose

that way ya might still somehow be a winner if ya get my drift

all a matter of perspective huh!

er and what comes round goes round

er is that the other way round?:)

Especially when ya live like me hehe

Cuz I be Livin’ In the Dayz of the Future Passed:)……..

dis’ cause mo naught of nothing ness πŸ™‚ lol

really sumpin’ to me when i lewk back

I jest got to lewk back and let it flow flow flow,,,,



but will it all matter a hundred years from now?…

no – no – no – prolly naught !

wow what an endin’ thought huh!?


So, Never regret! …..

Stoppin’ 4 Life to jest stop along da’ way!….

Have a splendid Sun Day Everyone

Once again Nevr!

Ever – Never regret! ..

Jest go wit’ da’ flow


“Keep On Keepin On”



8 thoughts on “When Lewkin Back

    • still gots 12 hours of Sunday left, Werking on it! …is going well so far, thanks Michelle, not so sunny here though , i bit over cast with the dreary, but is warming up to spring finally here πŸ™‚ … peace-out! Q

    • is the piedra river , jest down the road here, it comes from williams lake bout 30 miles north of here at the foothills of the mountains of pagosa πŸ™‚ thank u πŸ™‚

      • Oh yes you said that! I was hoping you would say it was the Colorado River, maybe my Pa had fished there! I’ve been thinking about him all day today! I wrote about fish in’! πŸ™‚ I love seeing your Colorado photos!

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