Uncyclomedia UnCommons – When Pigs Fly!

~ works fer me ~

When She Said :I will

“When Pigs Fly Mikey!”


Dere’ ya have it!


a few abstract thoughts er 2 sent ur way today from da’ Q…

cuz i got to hang out with the pigs fer a week and learn what it was like to be swimmin in swill’ LoL…


to really get to the essence of how things work @ a Pig Farm well,

ya got to get used to the smell of Pig Poo an Swill’


a totally new food flavor! – C’mon piggies dinner time – Time fer some Prison Swill’ that came frum over the hill!


and Thay all come a runnin’ – one at a time an one fer all! they come fer Da’ Call of Kc’s Wand


it’s a Prison When Pigs Can’t Fly – Say why oh why,,, said the piggy swimmin’ in da’ Swil’



well came out like this folks;

in the End PIGS CAN’T FLY SO………this song is for my angel that told me

“When Pigs Fly!”…



This Tough Mom say Suck on this Q an Have a GREAT DAY

It’s Either Heaven or Hell ya know!

Suckin’ on da’ ol’ Pig Swil’!

Dat’ came frum da’ prison by the ton-full frum over the hill



Photos Taken by Q at the Illustrious Pig Farm Of My friend Kc’s whom i sold an ultralight trike to…was all for a few dollars more an a learning adventure too, heck i never knew what pig swil’ was before i went over that hill to visit him an his PIGS, and damn if i didn’t get to see one fly, but well, one piglet i saw fly, unwantingly, by a vulture that came down a picked him up , took him high into the sky for food for more vultures down the road, KC was always hunting the buzzards daily that came to steal the new born piglets, is common in pig society for the vultures to try to come feed on the newborn, especially when its feeding time for the pigs and the piglets are left vulnerable in their pens, well, vultures knew when , and so did KC then was hunting time fer him, Needless to say lotsa dead vultures hanging round the fencelines here, cuza he didn’t want his







4 thoughts on “Uncyclomedia UnCommons – When Pigs Fly!

    • some did some did not, but was not a matter of choice for the ones that did! felt sorry for the little piggies that did fly though ..u’d hear em squeeling all the way through the air till they went out of range, darn buzzards ,,, :(.. such as life though ,fer some of them little piglets..the ones that GOT TO FLY!…Was their one an only flight!

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