Finding Your Flow Day 14: Activating Consciousness

………When we are truly conscious, we may experience moments when our pure self shines through and suddenly life flows smoothly, sweetly, and peacefully. Our complete spiritual awakening consists of these moments aggregating and expanding into periods of time, and then into longer stretches of time, until awareness becomes a continuum of “now” consciousness, 24 hours a day. Today’s lesson on enlightenment shows us that we don’t need to struggle to get there. It is enough to simply be aware and be present. Nature takes care of the details.

Sabrina Reber writes, “The Crown Chakra carries the energies of Enlightenment, Divine Illumination and God Realization. It is located on the top of the head and is the source of our higher consciousness. When fully opened, the Crown Chakra becomes the conduit through which our Holy Spirit, God Self, Christed Self, Buddhic Self or Divine Essence is brought down into our physical being.” READ MORE CLICK HERE!

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Journal: Sunday. April 27th 2014. Albany, NY. Sahasrara. सहस्रार. Crown Chakra.
Centering thought: “My life energy radiates the light of Being..” || Mantra: Om Katyayani Namah. “I activate my pure awareness.”

Sunday, we were asked to stay in the flow of awareness for a moment of gratitude just for being alive. Deepak told us to close our eyes and take a breathe then open them. Let the experience of thinking, saying, and doing nothing sink in. When you’re just being, you are expressing your true self. “Learning how to rest into existence, and learning how to let go of stress opens the way for grace and knowing that being here is enough.” 

This meditation is dedicated to aligning with our natural and divine consciousness by activating the energy of the seventh chakra. We learn that enlightenment is not out of reach. By cultivating self-awareness and presence during everyday moments, we experience…

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