Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring



It may have passed you by, but yesterday was May Day. It’s a holiday that’s been celebrated for millennia in a multitude of forms by a variety of cultures all over the Western hemisphere as the first day of spring; when winter has finally loosened its clutches on the world (well, the northern part of it at least!) and the landscape begins to come alive again with green, growing things. No matter where you are in the world, it’s a time of change.


It also seems to signal the exact moment when little boys and girls absolutely must be outside from dawn to dusk (and beyond, if they’re allowed!). To me, “spring” means little kids being pulled in endless circles while they giggle and shout and beg for longer and faster rides in their shiny Radio Flyer wagon:

Spring for the Quarked one meands 2 things, Snow is melting off the mountains and it is warming up in the cool crisp morning air here…So,  i can ryde and fly also…time and $$$ permittin’

Where there are RAINBOws there is spring,,fer da’

Click here to see more spring shots of rainbows an an parable by Q bout Quarked Quarrelling Colors of the Rainbow! 

by da’ Q


click on pic above to see mroe Spriong pics from da daily press photo challenge group 🙂


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