whooooaa little birdy

Quarked one in Colorado today sayzzzzzz….whoooaaaa little birdy,,wheres one soul? or is one jest like a hummingbird little?


say….. slow down ya move 2 fast, Don’t take that dwink unless ya know its good juice! an take it 1DAAT {one day at a time} to One minute at a time! Second by second, what seconds do u wanna last, well i didn’t want seconds, but when ur hungry well, whatcha gonna do lol…..I guess u could say U’d Starve for them ,,,,Right…for NOTHING in return, well the feeders are out to feed the right food for better health an da’ camera well, For not to starve today are these fast little creatures, that fly round our planet helping our planet an flowers  grow, are evrything from ants an bees to these small flyng thingzzzz….


So, point is no need to rush really ? or was there? well, life is only so long, make use of ur valuable time u are awake, each an every day. 1 day at a time one sec at a time one minute at a time,,,becometh a year at a time we live,,,then die,,,to become what again? well ? who knows,, ashes to ashes dust to dust, I mean wheres the soul of this creature go when an after life speed by them so very fast!…?? all i can say is do u know the Direction of Ur SoulPATH? or are ya like the humming bird? or is there really some destination in the end? where do u plan to go ,, when that magical moment happens…? welp, jest fewd fer thought…


..? is are YOU!? going to be the STAR? of ur own picture show er not?


whos directin the movie ? LOVE ER FEAR?…

Now hear here!?..who wins the war in the end? and which animal do u feed?..frum ur developed starseed!,,,what kinna pic do u wanna be the ? is a positive er a negative? …well …lover fear our choice right!…

well, right on have a terrific tuesday werld, over an out frum


in dis’ blank state when we awake, where do we go frum here? well…….

1DAAT folks

“Keep on Keepin on”

“take it Easy!”


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