Monumentally Speaking 2014 by Quarksire

Monument Valley by Ultralight Trikes

Where “crashin’ is not an option!”

for this walking Barometer


been reminded today by a blogger friend 
the most monumental parts of my years
an what they are,
and well,
this is mainly it;



First ya got to Love Urself


The other thingz will come next

jest Q here saying if’n ya feel like some wunderful fun this spring or summer ahead in colorful colorado,

drop me a line, is what Q do here is ryde and fly on clear days when the titanium aint buzzin!  LoL …

So, yeah dare to come soar with Q this spring, It‘s a wunderful ride. an U too Can Fly Says a Gimping Ol’ Man! LoL is easy an fun any kid can fly! Believe it er not! ?question is is the kid still in yaz? is inexpensive and fun sport an

“no license required”

an remember!
“crashin’ is not an option!”

we fly here to have fun not to dare ouselves to a new life ,

this is life in da’ rockies is all…

an da’ plauteaus in colorado!

frum a different perspective



no wreckin’ okay!

ya reckon?

Not in Q’s Life anyhow:)

not no more..its not allowed 🙂 hehe

unless i goin to bed:)…


 a new perspective an a new slanted lewk is all it takes

to change ur whole life.

So, take the dare come learn how to fly with me < click LINK




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