Acceptance by Quarksire


in Da’ Dangerous Business of Life

is prolly da’ hardest thing one has do do!


May u have a continued awesome rest of MAY

cuz tomorrow is a new mayday!!


3 thoughts on “Acceptance by Quarksire

  1. For me i have to accept today that everyone won’t always be compassionate and loving nor inately honest in their own deep mind, an no matter what i do well, if they do not wish to heal or to be ammended to the truth er what not well, is what it is, i have to accept their judgements out of reason withhold them from healing, but i can only hope that whomever it is can release themselves from habitual things that take away from whom they are, even though the mind deep inside says, sure go ahead have another snort or drink…it won’t hurt ya will help ya think better lol. well, oh well back to thge drawing board sayz da Q till next time round the round house of values here. most do not realize it but i am writing a book bout r3covery here, and getting back to “norml” lifestyle for the person addicted to additive behaviors or thinking or substanmce abuse er whatnot, so bear with me folks i do have a point if ya are in recovery or want to stop ur addiction that is killing ur mind health life and eventually ur beautiful body god gave ya, ur choice, over and out frum Q

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