Pagosa Sunup Without isms


jest a fact of is what it is an i gotta accept it an know no matter what

these 3 thingz… well, do exist or not

ur deal, my deal is a lotta what life is all bout

Thoughts To Self today! are like this 4me:

ya know ~ besides the acceptance and forgiveness partz LoL…

so drop the ism’s that are negative and have a positive creational day,

stop reactin’ and start creating ur way to a new reality,

is what i say to myself this Splendid Sun day!.

Greetingz 2 you from Wolf Creek this fine day!.

An yes was all bout YOU!

Namaste’ frum da’

~ Q ~



3 thoughts on “Pagosa Sunup Without isms

  1. Hey Q. Thanks for stopping by bit of cyberspace. That quote was exactly what I needed to read, and pass on. Namaste from Justexpressingmyself aka Frances D Lovin’ your style 😉

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