eh Serenity Prayer by Quarksire

Sumpin’ frum da’ ponderable Mind of the recovering Addict!after midnight!

how to find a bita’ Serenity in da’ past!



an prolly the most important fact to have to get a grip on if one is taking the first step of acceptance that they have a hereditary or self developed “problem” of alcoholism and or drug abuse, or abuse of the minds thought system even in general , more to come on that , and how we create many different diseases from the power of thought alone,There is a cure!

“another believe it er not”{ will be a new Katagory soon } frum the werld of Q that article will be for uΒ  i am sure: till then the above prayer is possibly the most important prayer i know from A.A. that continually rushes through my head along with the other propheticisms like



All i can say frum experience is “it werks if ya werk it” and well, it don’t if ya fight it and are to proud to accept ya got a problem to start with { well that is if you do?} do u ? well if u got ur habitz in check like it says again in the big book “Our Hats off to YA!” if ya can be out there drinking er whatnot and still managing ur life somewhat as ya slowly destroy ur mind..believe it er not, some say i am being judgemental when i say that well, matter of fact it is jest a fact of is what it is an i gotta accept it, i can’t stop someopne frum hurting their mind on a daily basis, er whatnot but i can sure the hell try to help if u are one of those that needs this kinna help and admits ya got a prob an are willing to take the steps necessary to get the job done and get over the past

Serenity is......

Serenity is……

and get on with today and tomorrow..

Finding Serenity Before Leaping

Finding Serenity Before Leaping

..,and well, i hope i find the Serenity

lewkin fer life in a serene environment

lewkin fer life in a serene environment

and courage in my heart to also


do so {cuz as to help another i also help myself} so good bye to u this fine one again frum da’ werld of


SumtimeZ Serene flight are da' best!

SumtimeZ Serene flight are da’ best!


16 thoughts on “eh Serenity Prayer by Quarksire

    • right on , u keep on keepin on , remember its not a fight if ya werk it, it wont werk u , overcoming the nasty thoughts inside that make us do what we do , has to do with doing the steps correctly and uncovering the reasons for why we do and did what we do to start with, forgiveness for myself and others seems to be the greatest challenge and releasing all judgement also of myself and others also… so one day at a time we keep on truckin..yep yep keep on keeping on , where there is a WILL & LOVE there is a way! Q

      • personally being one who went in and outr for a long time and havce seen others do it also, after one goes out we have to revert back to step 4 er 3 fer that fact of the matter to get a grip first,, my thinking would get ahead of my actions and id be doomed if i diodnt stay connected to that! “positive” healing voice inside my head that wants to see thibhgs get better, disregarding any negative judgemental vooices but rather put those thoughts into my step 4 so i can deal with em and get rid of em, seems every day after years of practice ya can go back to step 2 er 3 er 4 er 1 even and start all over and go through all the steps every day,,keeps the mind clear once ya have done it over and over ya know ur internal werkings and ur thoughts ya either wish to accept keep er disregard or forgive and forget..take care hun, mike πŸ™‚

      • Thanks. It was cool- today I decided to start praying for two of my pesky, haven’t been able to let go resentments… And this morning’s meeting read off page 552 about praying for the people we resent. Was really groovy. Conformation I’m on the right track. Love when that happens.

      • kewl πŸ™‚ an also pray for urself to be able to somehow as difficult as it sound forgive them or put in its correct perspective in the mind sao u can go about life as free and happy as one can be,, glad u did the am meeting, once ya let go of the things that well, are rweally judgements of others well, life seems to get better we jest have to accept we can’t change people places or things very easily if at all sometimes, An We our most important today to keep Co-herency,,cuz the “her” is IN YOU! keep on keepin on my friend πŸ™‚ Q

    • thank you my hope isall recovering wanna beez do the same also…an take my advice , do the steps if new to the program, it truly dooes werk if ya werk it is my bit of experience strength and hope lived here by me, one day at a time 1DAAT! πŸ™‚ Q

      • I’m not an alcoholic nor a drug addict; I have mental health problems; but I wish you both all the best with your AA πŸ™‚

      • kewl πŸ™‚ well i have had all the probs above so i am a multi faceted winner in my bewk πŸ™‚ peace be with ya…the 12 step programs helps for all disease of all kinds is my point i am attempting to make throughout this blog in the end… it helps when we find out what the core issues to our diseases are whatevr they might be, thanks for reading me. Q

      • I’m real glad AA works for you all, but it would not be helpful for me, sorry 😦 but I do wish you all the best.

      • tell ya the truth i am so far many years beyond AA it is unreal ,,,AA is jest a stepping stone for the recovering alskie jest like all the other 12 step programs are they all serve their function, my sevitude is to bring folks beyond the aa way of thinking to a new better differnet them once they have lewked at and corrected thier deficienceies er whatnbot in their life, i am not here to fix anyone or push any belief system on anyone either an aa is jest one of many programs that werk to help clear people of the troubles of thier past,,well any 12 step program really is,,but then beyond that there is life πŸ™‚ and thats what i intend to show everyone by example in my werld so the ones that are paying attention will keep on keepin on in their plight to recover from whatevr it is they are recovering from. again thanks for the replies πŸ™‚ take care Q πŸ™‚

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