Monochrome Maddness 5-19-2014 – Trujillo Station


Publishin it er post it er what not is all part of a life story: has been a very monochrome day yep yep , where things are not all black and white any way i lewk, My little puppy has contrracted our wildlife parvo here, and well is in quarantine tonight , with only good energy vibes medicine and iv’s etc etc at a friends house here on da hill, such a smart kewl loving dog also, i am jest praying le ann can get the job done and get brandonbear through this… i could not keep him here with all my other dogs although they have had their shots , one never knows, so gettin’ water and stuff made me think of this place down the road here and this is the ol’ trujillo water tank bout 100 years plus old they used to use for to water the train with years ago, now stands as a monument to the dayz of the past.. ok over an our frum Q…For more monochrome maddness check this out






8 thoughts on “Monochrome Maddness 5-19-2014 – Trujillo Station

  1. Sorry to hear about your little pup Q. Yes, Parvo is very contagious and it’s good that he is in quarantine. Wishes for a speedy recovery for him. 😀

    Lovely monochrome and interesting info. Thanks for sharing. 😀

    • Thank U , we have taken ACTION new and all we can do is Hope {want} and Pray {wait} fer the little guy, I simply love this dog so very much now, an hate to see him in pain etc etc…he hasn’t a clue what is up , but he is very sick sick sick. thanks for caring lady! HUgz 2 U frum teeary Q……… Q

      • not so good today has’nt eaten since last eve at 10 pm..and throwing up anything, got collidial silver and da charcoal stuff today also…heartbeat respiration ok, lathargic though an very sick dog , i go down an iv feed again at 7 pm. thanks for askin hun hopefully he can get some food through him in the next day er so,,using lotsa bleach cleaning up after him also etc etc,,,,bye 4 now 🙂 Q

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  3. update on brandon he isnt eating today,,yet got sick this am. so well…we…shalll see shat transpires tonight…. is still at neighbors house.. Q

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