Brandonbear Update

Today I broke ol’ “Infinity” out of the garage and rode down to check on Brandonbear!




my Parvo puppy…one never knows what can happen and when so when an animal like brandon here gets sick well, we as humans can only do the best we know how to. Today he is lewking much better than this am but this am he did not lewk very well at all that distant glassy lewk was starting to come over his eyes, but well a bit of emotional loving and awareness techniques to keep him conscious etc etc, werked real well today to help, he drank water today 3 times which was a great accomplishment and we gave him injections of fluids 3 times today. I left him with his nurse for the night my neighbor le ann so in the morning i shall check in an see, till then I see is all :)( what i see…has been a long day…..

peace out till later werld



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