Acceptance by Quarksire


Freedom at Last she had dreamed of

and prayed for for years she now had

Cold as Ice

because of false imaginings and judgements

she then turned her life against me

Yes regretfully so; a true story fer da’ Q

boo hoo…

Acceptance that love flowed downhill into an icy stream

Is a well, hard thing to do

fer da’ Q still.

Guess ones got to do what they got to do

regardless of Q

😦 Well, cheer up , it ain’t all that bad i guess, before i die if i am lucky , i might jest find what she couldn’t find in me that i had for her…LOVE, once again.we shall see, for now i know i love my dogz, my life, my ex to be wife yep but oh well, and well, love my day to day my house my mountains wildlife an katz, even though i have to deal with 24/7 pain frum my PKD– this shit sucks werld,,,if ya got it ya know what i mean …anyhow till next post-it here bye.



2 thoughts on “Acceptance by Quarksire

  1. yeah huh,,, without a conscience some lives move on … My happiness comes frum being alive and knowing i did the very best i could for another human being, mis-percieved er not…only sad when i lewk back< and do not move forward without hesitation…thanks 🙂 Q

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