I had to Much to Dream Last Night

A Blast Into the Past Here For Weekend Fun!


Another Quarked 60’s Rock an Roll review frum da’ Q.

Da’ Electric Prunes – I had too much to dream last night (1967)..yes an i remember “I Was Dere’!”


well to the Q here is one of the most dramatic and most influencial rock albums of all time to me that inspired so may groups of the 70’s and 80’s trying to spread the werd of LOVE!.can it be so.do bands still try to sell the same message we had as music of the 60’s and does the music of now have the same flair and appeal as the music of the 60’s well, i’ll let u answer that one urself if u bother to listen to the album here..if it intests u, it does me cuz well i am over 55 an a baby boomer werld guy as the werld turns,,,so be it,,,missed woodstock by a couple of years i was in junior high when my friends brothers and sisters went and brought the albums to us,,,and this was a california band i got the privy of seeing in california…before the werld changed for them… i know if u clck through thew songs here u will recognize them a lot,,,but ya really bnever knew it was the Electric Prunes,,,some people i know thought the stones did this song I know u had to much to dream last night….lol..well it does sound a bit like mick don’t it lol….


Electric Prunes are an American rock band who first achieved international attention as an experimental psychedelic group in the late 1960s. The band performed its 1966 hit song “I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)” on American Bandstand. The band is also recognized for the song “Kyrie Eleison”, which was featured on the soundtrack of Easy Rider. After a period in which they had little control over their music, they disbanded for 30 years. In 1999 the band reformed. By 2001 the members had resumed recording and touring and remained active until 2011.The group started in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, though during the group’s long disbandment, rumors circulated that they were from Seattle. Their first hit was discovered by Seattle disk jockey Pat O’Day at KJR (AM) and was very popular in that city before it broke into the national charts. The founding members, Ken Williams (guitar), James Lowe (lead vocal, autoharp), Michael Weakley and eventually Joe Dooley (drums) and Mark Tulin (bass), called themselves The Sanctions, and later, Jim and the Lords. Soon, Dick Hargrave joined on organ, but left shortly afterwards to pursue graphic arts. Their lineup changed many times, including one lineup with Kenny Loggins.

above doc frum wikepedia

Β the first version here is a live version and the second cut is the album studio version…had fun when it was live , in outdoor stadium was kewl πŸ™‚ is funny guys came an went in this band a lot but it still remained a band:)

You Never Had It Better-00:00
I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)-05:25
Nancie Mantz / Annette Tucker
Try Me on for Size-08:48
Jill Jones / Annette Tucker
I Happen to Love You-18:44
Gerry Goffin / Carole King
I Got My Mojo Working-22:28
Preston Foster / Muddy Waters
Long Day’s Flight (Til Tomorrow)-29:15
Smokestack Lightning-32:42
Howlin’ Wolf
Get Me to the World on Time-38:34
Jill Jones / Annette Tucker



Β is frum da’ album here below

Visit the current electric prunes website if interested is pert kewl.


Rock Solid wishes to all my readers viewers and friend z round da’ werld this memorial day A Splendid Sunday 2 U.

.Frum! Q


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