Quark Strangeness and Charm

Hawkwind – Quark Strangeness And Charm..The spirit of the age! ~ age of the 60’s dat is…

welcome to Quarkland!

welcome to Quarkland!

2 hours long this double album is!

Jest another Quarked review frum da’ weekend warrior here 🙂

was told i had this once LoL i am a clone but i am not alone i know also i am more than flash an bone, so in this i rejoice, I AM! i live with the spirit of the age…



{Full Extended Album}

frum Q 2 U


01 Spirit Of The Age 0:00
02 Damnation Alley 7:25
03 Fable Of A Failed Race 16:35
04 Quark Strangeness And Charm 20:00
05 Hassan I Sabha 23:45
06 The Forge Of Vulcan 29:10
07 The Days Of The Underground 32:20
08 The Iron Dream 35:35
09 Damnation Alley (Live Studio Version) 37:45
10 A Minor Jam Session 48:25
11 Spirit Of The Age (Demo Excerpt) 58:20
12 Hash Cake Cut 1:01:20
13 Damnation Alley (First Studio Version) 1:05:46
14 Spirit Of The Age (Full Extenede Version) 1:16:20
15 The Days Of The Underground (First Version) 1:27:50
16 Quark Strangeness And Charm/Uncle Sam’s On Mars 1:33:40
17 Fable Of A Failed Race (Extended Version) 1:43:05
18 Damnation Alley (Alternate Harmony Vocal Version) 1:50:00
19 Spirit Of The Age 1:58:35
20 Robot 2:04:40
21 High Rise 2:10:45



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