Monochrome Madness 6-9-2014

Anoudder monochrome monday comes round and well, heres a pic i tewk of my friend Ali in peru:


was a black an white Apprapo an i like the caracture’ design of the ol’ castle there, was very kewl, since has been crumbled by an earthquake a couple years back that shook the area terribly bu the coast there…i have another blog a while back explains a lot bout this place jest outside of Lima, Peru on a trek down the coast to da islands of the seals, where this shot is taken. lol seek an ye shall find i guess lol. anyhow have a great week and remember that life is really colorful as beautiful as some thingz are well, in { Black an White} ie…monochrome madness, once again i forgot which week so here it be anyhew.

Till next week Monochrome mad folkz; check out some kewl photographers fotoz šŸ™‚


da Q



8 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness 6-9-2014

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