frum time capsule 3

***** :: Bandages of the Beast :: ******


There were many Random Omens

sending olive branches with thorns was

only one of ur repertoire.

You offered me a book

where all the answers lay encoded in some strange dialect.

Symbols Undulating like Serpents restless for food.


If i was a windbone as a lambent seed

you would still the air, and I would fall into the thicket.

If i yearned for sweet water

you would pass me the bitter cup 😦

If i was an injured fawn you would flush me

from the cloister, corner me against cold stone,

and admire my fear



Everywhere i steer i seek the look of love;

yet love humbles itself like a mannequin

changing its clothes to accomodate the dressmaker.

Underneath there are bandages of the beast.

Underneath there is a tourniquet of deliverance.

But beneath the shell there is Emptiness,


It is clothed in finery that neither dressmaker nor beast can touch


YOU have mistaken my search as my soul!

Raking through it for clumps of wisdom,

you have found only what i have lost to you!

Held like rootless dreams

i will vanish in ur touch.


If u pass ur rake over this emptiness

you will feel clumps of my spirit.

You will find me like tiny pieces of  Mirror Broken

apart yet still collected in one spot

Still staring ever skyward.

Still reflecting one mosaic image.

Still the accompanist of myself.

~~~~~~~~~~HALF MINE?~~~~~~~~~~~

When I see ur face I know u are Half mine

separated by the utmost care to remember all of you

When I undress my body I see that I am half yours
blurred by sudden flight that leaves
the eye wondering what angels carved in their hearts
to remind them so vividly of their home.
When I see your beauty I know you are half mine
never to be held in a polished mirror
knowing the faithful hunger of our soul.
When I watch your eyes I know they are half mine
tracing a trajectory where sensual virtue is the very spine of us.
When I hold your hand I know it is half mine
wintered in kinship, it circles tenderness
beneath the moon and well of water when the feast is done.
When I kiss your lips I know they are half mine
sent by God’s genealogy to uncover us
in the delicious cauldron of our united breath.
When I hear you cry I know your loneliness is half mine
so deep the interior that we are lost outside
yearning to give ourselves away
like a promise made before the asking.
And when I look to your past I know it is half mine
running to the choke cherry trees
invisible to the entire universe we found ourselves
laughing in sudden flight
eyeing the carved initials in our hearts.
Sparing the trees.


There are three particular life principles that accelerate the transformational experience and help to align the human instrument with the Sovereign Integral perspective. They are:

1) Universe relationship through gratitude
2) Observance of Source in all things
3) Nuturence of life

When the individual applies these principles, their life experience reveals a deeper meaning to its apparently random events–both in the universal and personal contexts.

Universe Relationship through Gratitude
This is the principle that the Universe of Wholeness represents a collective intelligence that can be personalized as a single Universal Entity. Thus….to read more bout the philosophy of chamber 3 click here.


 well, of course anyone that really knows me an my story for the last 5 years well, knows this one is directed at my lovely “blueangelwolf” once again sorry to say


is what it is.although nothing is half mine 😦 especially the money i spent, and time and all MY LOVE …yeah right …MY LOVE…what a crime  😦 over an out frum Q



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