Monochrome Maddness 7-7-2014

I have found the ancient mirror
that leads me…an life is always not black an white, but sumtimes can be monochrome and maddening .

No Colred Metaphor here! :)

No Colored Metaphor here! ๐Ÿ™‚

especially when in a cyclone! er hurricane! drivin across da southland USA… eh……..7-7-2014…seein into da dayz of da future passed…at last…

oh what syncronicity………

Monochrome Maddness

a weekly get round 2 it fer me to send in a B & W shot & to run round me reader an see what everyone else gotz fer Monochrome Mondaysss fer mikey here,.For more monochrome naddness shots please visit leanne coles website below :)..

Till next week Monochrome mad folkz; check out some kewl photographers fotoz belowย 




5 thoughts on “Monochrome Maddness 7-7-2014

  1. yeah ,,, thanx Ed, multiple motion and differences in this shot, ie; car moving at 50 mph, wiper moving at high speed, a torential hurricane, an “color” film lol shot at bout 6oth of a sec i believe as to catch it all data way… tanks fer poppin bye & have a splendid week ๐Ÿ™‚ Q

    • thanx rae yeah i though it was kinna unique, now next time i am in a raging storm in my car i can try to duplicate the effect with some custom shotz sumday now i know how to do this wiper thing, i took like 6 but the one that started at beginning of wiper stroke seemed to be timed the best for the half way thing… laterzzzz an have a great week Q

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