Monochrome Madness 8-12-2014

Well; here is my monochrome shot fer the week…..

is a true monochrome shot


printed on matte paper in the 60’s..Taken near sandy eggo in the desert!… well… some of us are older than others all there is to it.. 35mm and black an white…well The only way to go ….once upon a monochrome time here is the same shot with the contrast changed


,,,U take ur PICK!

Quark  🙂 🙂  Quark


More Monochrome madness pics …chick here below….Its still tuesday da 12th here but i forget aussie time is ahead a day,,so oh well, see ya again next week!…i was late being born will prolly be layte to my own funeral also…sorry to have kept one waiting…soon soon ! lol. not funny but so true 😦


Monochrome Madness


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