Box Stock 4 911

 Box Stock is a class of motorcycle racing


where the average joe can go out and play on a race track,


this day i took a few shots of the all american average riders racing on thier practically stock bikes,


all ya can change is the jetting and the tires, and the adjustments to the suspension etc etc, rest of the bike must remain practically stock… so yeah 911  is not a joke fer dis guy above its as serious as da race track itself , but Q-bird don’t go there in his blogwerld :).







box_stock_by_quarksire datz it fer da race day shots…laterzzzzz 🙂



5 thoughts on “Box Stock 4 911

  1. never heard of this racing – but how cool – um – I mean kewl!

    and I saw on Cee’s site that it is your b-day? well happy birthday to you – 🙂 ❤ – hope it is a great one!

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