Open Hearts Open Minds



Quoted to me tonight frum a very special lady indeed!

~~~~to that this note below bout passion which might er might not be relevant to ones expression today! enjoy da article an ur day also frum da Q


If passion were to be defined in energetic terms, it would be all
about non-resistance in regard to our physical vehicle, which is
the conduit for energy to move through. When we are
passionate about something, we are ready to go for it with
absolutely no hesitation. This state of non-resistance, with
absolutely no hesitation, creates a very open vessel for energy.
Passion can occur when we first meet that certain someone. In
the beginning, we may think that they are oh so perfect, and
therefore, a state of passion for them is created. If they have no
resistance back at us, then there is really passion! Planning a
creative project can also create passion. In order to create this
energetic state, we usually plan everything in our minds exactly
the way we want them to be. In this way, there is no hesitancy or
resistance, and energy therefore pours through in full force.
When we get very passionate or excited about something, it is
because we feel it deeply at every level and we just know it is
right. Passion exists because we know that something is in
alignment with what we are about. When something matches our
vibration and our purpose, it then creates a state of passion, or
uninterrupted energy flow.

Although there exist times during the ascension process when
our passion is completely gone and we can really feel as though
it may never return, it does. Through ascension, we purge and
release much of any darker or denser energies within us. These
include fear, insecurity, lack of confidence, and a powerlessness
to be able to get what we want. After these states begin to leave
us, what is then left is a much more defined sense of who we are
and why we are here…and what we are here to create! It is then
that our passion returns.

After so much releasing within, we eventually arrive at a place
where we are very ready to create through this uninterrupted
energy of passion. This powerful energy needs an outlet and
creativity is then very necessary to our lives. When our passion
comes in again, it is time to create what you have always been
about and what you came to create.

For a long while, my passion was gone, as I was really going
through my process. Always a very passionate and exuberant
person, I though that I must be getting old or was simply
withering away. I didn’t know what it was like not to be
passionate and so I felt like only half of a person. But passion
returns…and especially for our very New roles…

comes back to planning the plans but leaving the outcome to the holy spirit! 🙂 chow fer now

(the above copied frummy hard drive frum karens werld many years ago but so apprapo to tonight …ThanQ lady U know WHO U ARE..a most intelligent lady an connection to da Q

i so feel so blessed this fine day 🙂


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